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GMO Pie for Pi Day

pie for pi day

Today is March 14, 2019 – Pi Day! Many scientists (and others) around the world are celebrating with pie.

This got me thinking – what would a spread of pies featuring GMOs look like? The most common GMOs are sugar beets, cotton, corn, papaya, soy, canola, potato, and apple – as shown in the SciMoms Guide to GMOs Infographic.

Most pies contain beet sugar, and many have vegetable oil that may be sourced from corn, canola, or cotton. But what pies might feature GMOs as the main ingredient? Here are some recipes to try!

It’s not available in the US yet, but what about some Salmon pie made with GMO salmon? My favorite pie is pecan pie. I haven’t had it before, but there are many recipes for Chestnut pie – how amazing would it be to have American chestnuts for a pie?

pie for pi day

What are your favorite pies? How did you celebrate Pi Day?



  1. I have a book on recipes from diners (Retro Diner), and they have a recipe for Dinner Pie from Jack’s DC Diner. It’s essentially a shepherd’s pie. But I have swapped out the ground beef for TVP. So you could have TVP + potatoes and that would be a fine GMO pie.

    There’s another recipe for “Butterscotch Pie 1940”. I’ve been meaning to try that.

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