ILSI Workshop on Plant Composition

The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) promotes scientific collaboration that advances public health and well-being. Their International Food Biotechnology Committee (IFBiC) hosted a workshop on plant composition last month in Washington, DC. They recorded the talks and posted them for all to view (ILSI’s YouTube channel has a lot of other great material, too).

The talks are pretty easy to understand, given for a wide audience. Each speaker has a unique perspective and I think one of the best parts of these talks is that they aren’t very formal so you really get that these scientists are real people.  I hope you’ll take a look! Here’s the opening presentation to get you started, links to the rest are provided below.

Opening Presentation

Session 1: Conventional Development of New Crop Varieties

Session 2: Development of Crops Using Modern Biotechnology

Session 3: Compositional Analysis Methods

Session 4: Interpretation of Composition Data

Final Wrap-Up

Written by Anastasia Bodnar

Anastasia Bodnar is a science communicator and science policy expert with a PhD in plant genetics and sustainable agriculture from Iowa State University. Anastasia has had various risk analysis roles in US government and military service. She serves as BFI's Director of Policy and as Co-Executive Editor of the Biofortified Blog.