Watch the Cato GMO Forum

Earlier this month, Jon Entine, Kevin Folta, and I traveled to Washington D.C. to talk about genetically engineered crops at the Cato Institute, in a forum titled, Biotechnology: Feeding the World, or a Brave New World of Agriculture? The forum, as many of you know, was intended to be a debate between those in favor of using the technology, and those who were against it, but at the last minute the anti-GMO debaters pulled out. So instead, I was invited to join Jon and Kevin to round out the numbers and talk about genetically engineered plants that many of you may not have heard about yet.
Jon, Kevin and I got together the night before the forum to go over our presentations and main points, and Anastasia met up with us as well. It is nice to sit down and have dinner with people who you’ve known for years and talked about these issues extensively, and talk about where we want this discussion to go. I think there was a little contest to see who had the zaniest activist artwork to put in their presentations. And a little note – we didn’t know what the moderator was going to say or talk about, so keep that in mind when you watch the forum. Without any further ado, here it is!

I had a great time being part of this, and I hope that the three of us inspired a few people to learn more about this topic. What did you think? Feel free to comment below and ask questions. I know several people want to see some of our presentation slides, and we’re thinking about ways we can extend this presentation like that. Kevin and I also plotted and planned ways that we could include anti-biotech activists in planning and executing research into GMOs that we would publish together. This was tried in one form already, but we came up with some more ideas that we’ll develop and present down the road.

Night before CATO Forum
Karl, Jon (with Frank), Kevin, and Anastasia the evening before the Forum in Washington, D.C.

Finally, Frank N. Foode™ posted his photo album from the trip, check that out too!