Community Contest #1 and more!

Hi everybody! Frank N. Foode™ here. Biofortified is workin’ on building its community of editors, contributors, and readers with the new profile system. We’re also coming up on our first Biennial celebration on the 31st of the month, making this an exciting month for talking about plant genetics. Plus we’ll have more to say about our own Rally to Restore Sanity in the debate over genetic engineering, and if that was not enough, there will be opportunities for everyone to be able to win fabulous prizes – and I’m going to tell you about your first chance!
The first Biofortified Community Contest is on, and it will be a contest for the best comment or comments. That’s right, just by writing just one awesome comment that contributes to the discussion here, you can win a prize! It could be about some of the many things we talk about on the blog such as the science, politics, social and philosophical issues, personal beliefs, or a collection of helpful links that you have scoured the internet for.
Here are the rules:

  • Anyone can nominate someone for this contest, but must link to at least one comment (can be several) by that author.
  • You may nominate yourself!
  • Editors (and me) are ineligible for the contest – but contributing authors can get in on the action.
  • Comments can be from any date in the past, present, or future. They can be comments on posts or in the forum.
  • In order to accept the award, comment author must be registered, fill out at least some of their profile, and have a picture uploaded for their avatar. (Profile can be done after the winner is announced. Picture need not be a human photo – how about a cool plant?)
  • The winner(s) will be judged on how awesomely smart, cool, funny, and productive their comments are. We want to reward people that help elevate the discussion and give them a special status in the community.
  • Nominations will close on Friday October 15th at midnight Pacific Standard Time. (End of the day, not the beginning!)
  • Winner(s) will be decided by Biofortified’s editors, and will be announced on the 17th of October.

What do you win, aside from eternal glory? Why, some genetically engineered  blog schwag. Get your farmer’s market groove on with your very own Biofortified Canvas Tote!

Let's see, celery, kale, parsley... um what's this stick of butter for?

It comes complete with an embroidered shopping list pocket with an elastic pen loop so you can check things off as you shop. (Note: Veggies, shopping list, pen, and Frank not included.) Be the first to own it, and take it down to your local Whole Foods to show off that you are a part of the discussion. (While we do not know for sure if the cotton bags are made from genetically engineered varieties, it is more likely than not.)
If you don’t win this time around, don’t despair because as soon as it is over we will have a second one, with a special twist. And finally, if the debate about genetic engineering makes you feel like wielding a knife, we will also have the first annual Frankenfood Carving Contest coming up later this month as well!
Nominate your entries in the comments below. (Due to the fact that multiple links can get your comment caught up in our voluminous spam queue, we recommend making nominations while logged in.) If you have been nominated, filling out your profile right away will help your chances of winning. And you can also second nominations and root for those whom you think really deserve to win! Good Luck, and remember it’s not too late to make a winning comment!


  1. Thanks for getting this going, Frank. (And by the way, lookin’ good up in that bag, old chap!)
    I would like to start the nominations by suggesting someone who has always provided some in-depth analysis of papers and with a smile – Pdiff, aka Bill Price.
    Here are a couple comments that I would like to point out:
    Pointing out the need to criticize pro-GE studies in addition to anti-GE studies on this recent post.
    And when I was taking apart the basic analysis of the Consumer’s Union, he delved deeper into the data and rescued some conclusions that they didn’t even cover. I pointed out that the poll was being purposefully misrepresented by the Union’s Chief Scientist, he restated that conclusion more clearly and added that they had no idea what results were actually significant among their data.
    While technically-minded comments are not the only kind that I like to see, these have definitely been a big help!

  2. Ha! Ha! If you say so Karl! 🙂
    I’ll counter with a nomination for MaryM, who is accused of the damnable crime of always coming up with references and links to relevant information like :here
    Besides, I should do something nice after hijacking her forum thread on False claims and lies on food to talk about handbags and McDonalds 🙂

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