Almost there, and closer than ever!

Our Kickstarter campaign is rapidly coming to a close. With just three days left, we’ve got some exciting news to tell you about. Well, here it is:

Papaya Plush now at $14,000!

So much closer to coming alive!

Previously, we announced that we wanted to make a plush Hawai’ian Papaya to bring the story of this crop to a wider audience. We have received some outside support for our fundraiser, which means that we can now reduce the threshold we need to reach in Kickstarter to be able to make the papaya plush! Some people have adjusted their donations this evening as well, so at the time of writing we are still much closer to reaching our goal to make this papaya plush! How close? Less then $2,300! (similarly my ultra-hot chili pepper threshold has also dropped to $17,700, but who’s counting?)
I would like nothing more than to be able to design this papaya plush with our backers and send them their way. We can make it, but there’s precious little time left. The Kickstarter campaign ends on Friday the 7th of March at 8:00 pm Central time.

Let’s Make a Deal

We have a few unique rewards that we haven’t seen get selected by anyone, so last night we did some price slashing! Our unclaimed science blogger dinners are now $150 instead of $200, and now a photo of Bobbie Marie Gregg with Frank N. Foode is just $5 added to any reward level. Finally, I’m discounting my Ask Me Anything reward from $75 to $60 so you can get more brain for your buck! Indeed, anyone who selects this reward will be treated to a riveting story about the inner workings of an anti-GMO group that has been training activists to speak against GMOs… told from the perspective of someone who took their course and got found out after asking just one question. It’s a tale that has not been told on the blog yet, but some information has been hinted at in this interview. You will enjoy it!
Don’t forget to get yourself a T-shirt! Our artist Celestia has already started adapting the campaign logo for putting on some limited-edition shirts. Here’s a little sample tease of her progress with one design. You know you want one!