Mendel’s Garden 28

The 28th edition of Mendel’s Garden is up at Quintessence of Dust. An excellent collection of the latest in genetics blogging, this issue includes a post by Biofortified’s own Anastasia.
The next edition of Mendel’s Garden will in fact be hosted right here at Biofortified, so send your submissions to karl [AT] inoculatedmind (DOT) com. Bonus points if you make it about plants!


  1. Karl, did you submit my post to Mendel’s Garden? If so, thanks! That’s my first mention in a carnival. I’m really excited about the word “orgenic”. I’m even giving a talk about it later in the semester for our sus ag departmental seminar.

  2. No, I assumed you sent it in. Must have been submitted by someone else, or the blog owner reads your blog!
    Yes, the more I think about ‘Orgenic’ the better it sounds.
    I’ve also been thinking that an organic standard that includes GE crops would have an evaluation process to see if the crop fits in the growing practices. Obviously, Roundup-Ready crops don’t qualify.

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