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Side with Science

Side With Science (SwS) was created to help small organizations and individuals who support science-based positions about biotechnology and other issues in food and agriculture. SwS is a project of Biology Fortified, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

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The problem

In the science communication community, we have some major problems. These include a lack of coordination so we aren’t amplifying our voices, duplication of efforts, poor use of limited resources, and not knowing what’s happening in our own communities.

The solution

The primary goal of Side with Science is to share practical resources to help individuals and organizations conduct science-based outreach in their communities. Biology Fortified provides mentoring, workshops, and consulting to help organizations with science communication.

The vision

We envision scientists and science communicators around the world working together. Together, we can change the public conversation about science.

side with science networked earth