Intro to GMOs

SciMoms Guide to GMOs

In their article Introduction to GMOs, SciMoms Layla Katiraee and Anastasia Bodnar answer many questions that people have about products of biotechnology, commonly known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs. They start with the basics: What is a GMO? Why do they exist? What crops are genetically modified and what traits do they have? Then, the SciMoms delve into the hard questions: Are GMOs safe? Are they tested? What studies have been done? Read the full article at the SciMoms website.

SciMoms created a helpful infographic, shared here with permission as part of Biology Fortified’s infographic collection.

SciMoms Guide to GMOs
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  • Citation: Layla Katiraee, Anastasia Bodnar. SciMoms Guide to GMOs. Version 1.0. SciMoms. Jan 23, 2019.
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