Glowing Plants Interview – Member Exclusive (30 min)

Last Summer, I had a chance to sit down with Anthony Evans, who spearheaded the Glowing Plants project that blew everyone away with their Kickstarter fundraiser. Their goal was to use biotechnology to create plants that could glow in the dark – so I wanted to find out how far along they have come.
Thanks to your generous contributions, you can watch the full-length interview below as one of our Member Premiums! The edited interview can also be watched here.

Interview with Antony Evans – Glowing Plants – Member Exclusive Extended Interview from Biofortified on Vimeo.

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  1. That concept about the circular economy is terrific. And what I can’t fathom is that the GMO haters seem to want this as well, but can’t understand why this tech can help us to get closer to that.
    And I totally agree on the disappointment with Kickstarter.
    Disclaimer: I gave money to them for a plant. I guess that makes me a tool of Big Glow.

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