2015 Biofortified Blog Top Ten

Celebrating the New Year!

2015 has been an exciting year in food and agriculture. There have been some major advances in biotechnology and big news in science communication. Some of this breadth is on display in our most popular posts this year. Interspersed with posts that were written in 2015 are many of our older posts that continue to get a lot of attention! We’ve listed them here in case you missed any. One thing that I think is very awesome is the many different authors. Karl and I are the founders of Biology Fortified, but we want to include as many different voices as possible to share with our community. Will you be on our list next year? Consider writing a guest post for the Biofortified Blog! Our top post from this year was from a newcomer.

Top 10 posts that were written in 2015

  1. Gluten-free GM wheat can help celiac patients by
  2. Medical Doctors weigh in on Glyphosate Claims by
  3. Bill Nye, Science Guy, and GMOs – oh my! by
  4. Crop Modification Techniques Infographic by  and
  5. Why no one will ever “prove that GMOs are safe” by
  6. What makes honeybee colonies Collapse? by
  7. Join The GMO Corn Experiment! by
  8. GMO Potatoes on The Daily Show by
  9. The inconvenient truth about GMO labeling by
  10. A look at GMO policies in different nations by

Top 10 posts written prior to 2015

  1. Is glyphosate toxic to humans? by
  2. The 10 minor realizations that flipped my thinking about GMOs by
  3. Would you eat a brown apple? by
  4. About those industry funded GMO studies… by 
  5. Do OTC Head Louse Treatments Work? Part 2: Questionable treatments by
  6. The Promise of GMOs: Nutrition by
  7. Deconstructing Don Huber – A Tale of Two Talks by
  8. Risks of genetic engineering by  and 
  9. Are Neonicotinoids the Sole Factor Responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder? by
  10. Off-patent GMO soybeans: What happens now? by

Top commenters

I couldn’t write a year-in-review post without thanking our top commenters. In 2015, we had some great discussions on the Biofortified Blog. I think the atmosphere here makes for better conversations than in some other venues, leading to wide variety of topics discussed by people with very different viewpoints. There’s one thing we can all agree on – some of us comment more than others! Many thanks to all who participated, but especially to Mlema, Ray, WeGotta, and Eric!

  1. Mlema – 239 comments
  2. Ray Kinney – 184 comments
  3. WeGotta – 97 comments
  4. Anastasia Bodnar  – 81comments
  5. Eric Bjerregaard – 80 comments

Much of that conversation took place on the post Safety of hybrid fruits & vegetables by Chris MacDonald. At 301 comments, it was our most discussed post in 2015!

Top places

Last but not least, I wanted to share how diverse our community truly is. While most readers are from the US, there are 211 countries represented.

Number of unique visitors shown here on a log scale with dark blue representing more visitors, yellow representing less, and white representing 1 or 0.
Number of unique visitors shown here on a log scale with dark blue representing more visitors, yellow representing less, and white representing 1 or 0.