The experiment begins!

Contents of 1 experiment kit. Note the ear numbers on the barcode stickers in each bag. Don't mix up the ears!
Contents of 1 experiment kit. Note the ear numbers on the barcode stickers in each bag. Don’t mix up the ears! Click for a larger photo.

Many people have started getting their experiment kits for The GMO Corn Experiment. Let us know when you’ve gotten yours by Tweeting @franknfoode or using #GMOexperiment, or share in the comments below!
If you already ordered an experiment kit – When you’ve received your experiment kit, do not start the experiment before you read the entire protocol! Visit to register and enter your observations. We’ve had a few folks contact us asking where the ear numbers are. As you can see in this photo, each ear comes in its own bag with a barcode label – that label has the ear number. Be careful to not mix up the ears!
If you haven’t yet ordered an experiment kit, go to The GMO Corn Experiment Signup. Consider making a donation of $25 or more for a kit. We are also making a limited number of kits available to teachers and kids for free, thanks to the generous donations of others. There are still some kits available, so sign up today!


  1. I’m in ur science, readin’ ur protocol! Planning to put out #1 on this lovely fall day.

  2. I have my kit and we’re going to put the corn on a rail at the front of the library. Many squirrels and birds visit our front porch and it will give our patrons a chance to see an experiment in action!

  3. I’m jealous of all the folks who find their critters seem to be able to tolerate corn on the cob. Mine are not doing so well with it. I’d like to try pulling off the cob (say, 100 kernels per dish) and trying it with loose corn. I’ve already done Experiment 1 (which did have a minor result) but I still have corn left.

  4. I have my kit but haven’t had time to open it yet. I’m passing it on to my son’s 9th grade Science Teacher. She is super excited to get my kit and get her class involved. Wish I could find the time to participate! 🙁

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