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Plushies have arrived!


It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. The Frank N. Foode™ and Lanakila Ā. Papaya™ plushies have arrived! I was just sending an email yesterday to get an update on the status of our shipping, and before the manufacturer could get back to me, I got a phone call from our mailbox. A pallet with our name on it showed up at their loading door. My wife and my plans for the evening changed immediately, and we took the truck out before dinner to fetch the boxes of plushies. It took two trips even with the truck to grab all 25 boxes of 50 plushies each. It would have taken only one trip if it weren’t for the generosity of all our Kickstarter backers who made all of these possible.
Loading and unloading the boxes was more fun than you might think, and each one was labeled “Ear of Corn” and “Papaya” as if we were grocers unpacking fresh produce to put out on the market by morning. If only the boxes did contain fresh transgenic sweet corn and papayas, because after the second trip we were very hungry, and the planned home-cooked meal transformed into picking up salad and wings. Plus, a celebration was in order!
A year ago, the Kickstarter started with a mad cackle, and it ended with one. After dinner last night I opened up the boxes to see how they turned out. Six years ago I scratched out a design and sewed the first Frank N. Foode™ – and here was 50 more staring back at me in the first box I opened! Then our new character Lanakila – who started as a pencil sketch – emerged en masse from the next box. and I couldn’t contain the laughter and excitement! The one you saw in the video was forced, but this cackle was real. (I have a witness!)
OK now for the big task of putting all of these plushies in their boxes to get them out to all of our backers! We’ve got books, shirts, hand salves, tote bags, and more to pack in over 150 boxes and get them out the door. Since it has been so long, we’re going to make sure that everyone gets exactly what they wanted – and double-check mailing addresses. I know a couple backers have moved, so a flurry of emails will now go out to make sure that nothing has changed.
Plus now that they are all here, maybe someone wants another one? They look great in a group!
plushiepartyThanks for your support – and patience as we navigated the plush toy industry for the first time. The next one will be faster!
Oh there will be more…


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