Don’t Silence Science: An Open Letter


Dear Attacker,

In October 2014, you attacked our server with a Denial of Service attack. This took our websites offline, preventing us from accessing our sites. It took down our blog, silencing our voice and the voices of our contributors. It took down our forum, silencing our readers. It took down our resources, such as our GENetic Engineering Risk Atlas, silencing the science we are communicating to the public.

Taking down our site and blocking access to the resources that we publish is wrong. This is not how people in a civilized society debate contentious topics. In fact, by blocking our views you don’t even advance your own opinions. If there is to be any resolution of the issues we discuss on our site, it will come through sharing information and perspectives, not trying to drown each other out. We ask that you consider this fact, cease your attack against us, and join us in conversation.

We are asking our supporters to add their voice to our request, and you can read their comments below.

The Board of Directors of Biology Fortified, Inc.

Written by Biofortified Board

Our mission is to enhance public discussion of biotechnology and other issues in food and agriculture through science-based resources and outreach.