The new Frank N. Foode™!

Here’s a short update that I’m sure everyone will be interested to hear about. After several redesigns and adjustments, I’m really pleased to announce that the design for the new Frank N. Foode plushie that many of you have been waiting for – is done!
So here’ what comes next. papaya-final-4-web150The new Frank, and our yet-unnamed Papaya plushie are being shipped to me, and when they arrive I will make the final approval and then the manufacturing will begin. That should happen pretty fast, but then the whole lot will be shipped to Wisconsin to be distributed to all our Kickstarter backers, which will take longer. But I’ll have boxes ready with addresses, T-shirts, and other gifts, so that they can go right into the mail to all of you. My hope is to have them all in your hands by the time our site’s 6th birthday – October 31st!
If you are interested to get one now that you’ve seen him, feel free to head on over to our Plant Plushies page.
Thanks for your support – and patience – and I hope you will agree that the extra time is worth it for a fantastic new Frank N. Foode™ plushie!


  1. Perfect timing as we’re celebrating the federal judge ruling against the anti-GMO law on Kauai! Can’t wait to get mine. I did order one, right? I think I did… LOL

  2. Most excellent. I’m doing the Eleventh Doctor for Halloween, how do you think Frank will look wearing a fez?

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