The people have spoken!

“Bring me to life, too!”

Yesterday, we asked our readers to vote on the next plush that we would make as part of our Kickstarter campaign. Votes have poured in, and a clear winner has arisen. More than 50 people have chimed in, and the tally was 3:1:1 in favor of the Hawai’ian Papaya!
We saw the same pattern whether the votes came from a backer or not – and indeed, for those who have not yet become a backer and donated to this cause, the Papaya also topped the list of plushes that would get them interested to join in! Clearly, people want to hear the story of the Papaya, and become a part of that story with their own plush to represent it.
Right now, we’ve raised more than $11,400 in our fundraiser, and we need to get to $16,000 to be able to design and manufacture 250 Papaya plushes. There are 9 days left, and I think we can make it. I will be closely monitoring the numbers, checking the costs and the pledges, and figuring out how I can bring this number down. We want to make it happen! Any plush can be exchanged for another, so our multiple-plush rewards are
The Brinjal and Orange characters won’t be gone forever, someday we’ll bring them to life, too.
Thank you for your support. Let’s do it for the Papayas!