A screenshot taken by a backer who increased their donation just enough to tease us for ten minutes!

Tonight, in a flurry of activity, we have reached our Kickstarter goal to Bring Frank N. Foode™ to Life! After 14 days, $10,050 was pledged by 158 backers, which means that we will now have enough funds to put a Frank in everyone’s hands.

Cue the maniacal laughter!

And for you Young Dr. Frankenstein fans:

First, I would like to thank all of our backers who have made it possible for us to reach this goal, and I’m very happy to say that this means that all of you will get your rewards! So with half of the time left, it’s time to talk about where this is going next.

First Stretch Goal: $11,000 $10,700 to unlock T-shirts!

Be part of an exclusive club with this on a T-shirt!

Now that we’ve made it to our primary goal, we can announce our first stretch goal: Exclusive T-shirts for our supporters!
We’re going to have our artist, Celestia, re-work her awesome “Bring Frank N. Foode to Life!” artwork so it can be printed onto T-shirts, and will now read: “I brought Frank N. Foode to Life!” These will only be available for our Kickstarter campaign backers, and will be made available when we reach our next goal. How much higher do we need to go? Not much, actually! All we need to do is get our fundraising total to $10,700*, and we will make these available for backers to purchase. Right now, we’re only $950 away from this stretch goal, so we could reach it in just a few days!
When we make them available, anyone can get them by pledging $20 just to get a shirt, or adding $15 onto their existing pledge for every shirt they want. Since Kickstarter only lets you select one reward, so adding on extra stretch goal rewards may get a little complicated as we unlock them. But don’t worry – we’ll explain exactly how to do it so no one is confused.
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet Frank N. Foode™

Right now, we just want to get to this first stretch goal. Tell your friends, families, your labmates, your graduate students (on second thought, if you have graduate students you can afford to pledge on behalf of their poor, starving selves!), people on the street… your besties and your worst enemy – you know the one who always just has to one-up you. See if they can beat your donation!
And as I described before – tell the world on your blogs, and let us know about your blog posts, so we can award one of the ten Silver Bullet Frank N. Foode’s to the author of the most awesome supportive blog post! I have already taken it out of the rewards so that you can rest assured it will be there for the winner.
So congratulations all around for everyone who helped, thank you, and let’s get these T-shirts unlocked so we can get to the next plush, and to that chili pepper I’ve been talking about. Something tells me if we hit $20,000 I will be eating it on camera. Let’s make that happen.
*Initially, our T-shirt stretch goal was set to $11,000, but due to support outside of kickstarter we’re able to reduce the threshold to $10,700!
Read our Press Release (PDF).


  1. Congratulations! These will spread around the world like GMOs in the breeze when they’re sprayed on crops, like GMOs that get into nearby weeds to produce superweeds, like GMOs eating the gut flora of all of humanity, like GMOs growing into tumors in rats! LOL

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