Happy 4th of July!

Frank N. Fireworks
Frank is a true green-blooded American!

Hello everyone, Frank N. Foode™ here, wishing all you Americans a happy 4th of July! Me, I’m preparing to have some barbecued ribs, potato salad, watermelon, and – of course – sweet corn tonight. My Salvia friends and I are celebrating independence day with some sparklers! Check out my photos, and tell me which one is your favorite!
I’ve also been on an international trip lately. I went to Saskatoon, Canada, flew to Italy to attend a conference, and then came back to Alberta, Canada to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st! I have a few pictures from my journey already uploaded, but there are more coming and I’ll tell you more about that trip very soon.
So while you celebrate today, remember there are reasons for everyone around the world to come together and enjoy life, whether you are a plant, animal, or some transgenic combination thereof.
After I’ve seen everything in Canada, I’m making plans to go to Hawai’i and investigate what’s going on on those tropical isles.
Life is good, eh?
Canada Day in the Alberta Foothills 3
Frank is an official Canuck!