CATO GMO Forum (Live 2 pm EDT)

Featuring Jon Entine, Founding Director, Genetic Literacy Project; Kevin M. Folta, Interim Chair, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida; and Karl Haro von Mogel, Co-Founder, Biology Fortified, Inc.; moderated by Patrick J. Michaels, Director, Center for the Study of Science, Cato Institute.
Despite increasing population, global food production per capita is at all-time highs, even as the amount of agricultural land is reaching new lows. The prime driver has been technology, beginning with the Green Revolution of the 1960s, when Norman Borlaug discovered the key to high-yielding wheat. Since then, “slow” genetics has been replaced by DNA-splicing, giving rise to fears of genetic “mistakes” damaging the world food supply or resulting in inadvertent harm to consumers. Jon Entine and Kevin Folta embrace these innovations, promoting genetic literacy and post-modern agriculture. At this forum they will answer the charge that biotechnology is “a Brave New World of agriculture.”

The Forum begins at 2:00 pm EDT. Watch the Forum here or on the CATO website, and follow the discussion and submit questions with the twitter hashtag #GMOForum. I hope you will enjoy the presentation, and keep the discussion going here!


  1. Will you be releasing the images used at this event? Some of the images used so far would be excellent for educational use.

  2. Excellent
    But will this be archived somewhere after it’s done being “live”? I don’t really have time to watch it right now, but I really want to see it all

  3. I am loving this forum! As a producer, I want my crops to not only be easier and more cost effective to grow for me, but to help my consumers in more ways than just subsiding their hunger. The world of Biotech and GMO’s can be amazing as long as we embrace the spirit of research and the development of knowledge. Yes, we do not know what this will cause years down the road, but that’s exactly what research and scientific discovery is all about!

  4. Yay! I was working on my conspiracy theories, but now I’ll have to just move on I guess.
    Seriously, though, I floated a question on the forum day but it didn’t get in. I would love to see everyone’s answers to this though. It came out of a discussion I was having with Jon Foley the other evening.

    Q for #GMOForum: if GMOs were banned tomorrow, what would be impact on herbicides, patents, monoculture, etc that anti-GMO folks dislike?

    I’ll give you my predicted outcome after, but I’d like to hear what others might think first. I would really like to hear Bittman, Pollan, Seralini, Smith, and anyone else answer it too.

  5. I saw most of this but would like to see it again. Is there a recording anywhere?

  6. I hope so. I work during the day so a recording will be my only opportunity to see it. Thanks !

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