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Over four years since the Biofortified Blog launched onto the web, we’ve been building a steady collection of awesome posts about science, plant genetics, biology, and biotechnology. More and more people are finding this to be a great place to express their ideas, learn about things they never heard of, and meet people with differing opinions and not want to tear each others throats out. (Well, we’re still working on that last part.) For our efforts, we’ve gotten some recognition, and now you can help us (and some of you) get recognized a little more!
One of the sites that our blog is indexed on is the Science Seeker blog, which helps people who are seeking good science blog posts on many different topics. Starting this year, they have announced that they are starting their first Science Seeker Award contest. To enter in this contest, you simply find a good blog post indexed on their site by searching for it, and nominate it with the little trophy symbol on the bottom right. For their inaugural contest, posts can be dated anywhere from February 1, 2012, to February 1, 2013, and can be about biology, peer-reviewed research, physics, life as a scientist, etc.
Once an entry is nominated it can rise to the top by having people log in and click on the star next to the trophy, and the top posts will be submitted to a panel of judges. At stake is a nice $100 for each award category, and $1000 for the best overall. I took the liberty of nominating some great posts of ours from the past year, written by regular authors and guests alike. If you would like to help us all out in this contest, please consider clicking on the stars for these entries, and find more posts to nominate and link to them in the comments. (Link to the search page on Science Seeker, not here!) Registering for the site is required, but you can do that easily through Twitter or Google+.

Nominated Posts:

Any other favorite posts? Search for them, Nominate them below, and I will add them to the list! You can vote on the entries until the end of March. Thanks for helping us out!

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