Shades of Green in Chicago

Happy New Year readers! While things have been a little slow around here in the past month given the holidays, now that 2013 has rolled around that is surely going to change. Contest prizes have been sent and received, and Frank N. Foode™ is traveling in the far away subcontinent of India with Becca Harrison, a student at Cornell University who has already contributed to the Biofortified Blog. We’re sure to hear about some fun things from that trip. And I have some great news for any of you who are in the Chicago area this weekend: I will be giving a talk about genetically engineered crops tomorrow on Sunday the 6th, and you can be there!
The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago invited me to give the talk, and it has already generated a back-and-forth exchange. It seems that Jeffrey Smith’s documentary, Genetic Roulette, will be shown in Chicago a week later, which promises to be a horribly bad source of information. I’ll be talking about some of Smith’s claims for sure. And this might be an excellent time to bring out some things I discovered both attending one of Smith’s online seminars, and talking to him on the phone, which I have not yet talked about on the blog. Oh yes, I’m teasing you with juicy, exclusive tidbits that you can’t get anywhere else, so if you are in the greater Chicago area, come on down and join the Sunday fun! See their site for the details.
Despite his busy travel schedule in India, Frank N. Foode™ will also be attending the talk and will be available for photo ops. I don’t know how he does it!


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