Contest winner is ghoulish!

Howdy everyone, Frank N. Foode™ here to announce the winner of this year’s Frankenfood Carving Contest!

Which one is scariest? One took on New Jersey…

It was a late-announced contest, but with the new forum and its image-upload features it was so much easier to enter, and we definitely got some entries this year. Photos of both costumes and carved produce rolled in, from human-sized sushi and an accompanying sushi chef, to a vampire pumpkin and a kiwan-o-lantern! I even got in on the action and carved my very own Schmeiser Apparition! It’s on the side opposite me from hurricane Sandy.
Everyone’s creativity was awesome, and we’re grateful for all the entries we received. But one entry rose above the rest, both with its original use of genetically engineered food, and its downright cuteness! So without any further ado, I give you the winner of our 7th Community Contest, Joel from Arctic® Apples! He carved an Arctic® Apple with this delightful expression! Doesn’t it make you want to bite into it? The flesh is still pearly white after being cut! Oh hey, that’s how it works. Joel will receive a blog tote bag and his very own giant tomato kitchen rug to cushion his feet while he makes apple platters for all his holiday parties. (I mean, I would if I had apples that looked great hours after being cut!)
There was just one prize this year, on account of every costume entrant having a conflict of interest of some sort with the judges, but take heart! It will return again next year with bigger and better prizes, and more lead time for you folks to get all crazy with your food and attire.
So congratulations to Joel, and to everyone else who participated. On behalf of the editors of the Biofortified Blog, I hope your Halloween was great, and that your Thanksgiving is even greater!
About time this thing left – it was making my heirlooms jealous!