What do you want to know about GMOs?

20121012-124508.jpgThis Sunday, October 14, at 6:00 pm Mountain Time, GMOs are on the menu. The Skeptically Speaking podcast will host Kevin Folta, Karl Haro von Mogel, and I for a discussion about biotechnology. Send in your questions to Skeptically Speaking and tune in on Sunday (or listen to the podcast).

If you aren’t able to send in your questions by Sunday – Of course, as always, you can also post questions and comments in the Biofortified forum or send them in via our contact form.

References for the Interview

On the Seralini paper:

Link to the paper

VIB response to the paper. (The Flemish Interuniversity for Biotechnology)

Cosmos Magazine on The Seralini Affair.

Keith Kloor discussed the paper in this article on Slate about science and politics.

Carl Zimmer:

From Darwinius to GMOs: Journalists Should Not Let Themselves Be Played

That GMO-cancer study? It gets worse.

Link to the Snell review of 24 long-term and multi-generational trials.

Other discussion topics:

Risks of Genetic Engineering

GENERA Project

Studies in our GENERA list?


  1. This is great! To hear all of you in one conversation in real time, with a smart host, sweet. I listen to these quite often.
    For the regulars here: you want to join the chat that goes on during the taping, get a UStream login ahead of time. It usually takes a couple of tries for me to get in, for reasons I cannot explain. But the chats are fun–sometimes a bit of MST3K-ish chatter, but also a way to submit questions.

  2. always late to the event.
    How is it that growing corn and soybeans on class one farmland and still using
    vast amount of industrial inputs all the while draining down aquifers to turn
    out little more than animal feed, fuel for gas guzzling cars and corn sugar for
    soft drinks and other sugary substances with the inch gaining result. Just how
    is that in the realm of desirable?

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