ILSI Workshop on Plant Composition

The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) promotes scientific collaboration that advances public health and well-being. Their International Food Biotechnology Committee (IFBiC) hosted a workshop on plant composition last month in Washington, DC. They recorded the talks and posted them for all to view (ILSI’s YouTube channel has a lot of other great material, too).

The talks are pretty easy to understand, given for a wide audience. Each speaker has a unique perspective and I think one of the best parts of these talks is that they aren’t very formal so you really get that these scientists are real people.  I hope you’ll take a look! Here’s the opening presentation to get you started, links to the rest are provided below.

Opening Presentation

Session 1: Conventional Development of New Crop Varieties

Session 2: Development of Crops Using Modern Biotechnology

Session 3: Compositional Analysis Methods

Session 4: Interpretation of Composition Data

Final Wrap-Up