Live Tweeting Golden Rice – Storified

Hi everyone, Frank N. Foode™ here. I was hanging out, smelling some Tulips in Madison, WI, and none other than Dr. Michael Grusak stopped by from the Baylor College of Medicine to give a seminar on his nutritional research into Golden Rice. I was so excited I ended up live tweeting the whole thing on #mikegrusak! For those who aren’t big on the whole twitter thing – have no fear – I Storified it and added in some pictures and extra links, too. Now a seminar that reached dozens can now be experienced by hundreds, or thousands. (Isn’t technology wonderful?)
So does a genetically engineered variety of rice made by hundreds have the potential to help thousands, or maybe millions? Check this out!

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  1. Not long after that, across the Atlantic, another Ph.D. student Matt Moscou, working with Adam Bogdanove at Iowa State University, independently reached a similar conclusion using clever computational analyses of TAL effector-induced expression changes in rice plants.

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