Community Contest #5 Winners!

Hello one and all, your favorite genetically engineered corn is here to spread a little cheer! At long last, I am pleased to announce the winners of our recent carving and costume contest.
For this community contest, the stakes were high. With two tote bags, two books, and a Norman Borlaug coin up for grabs, it took ingenuity, creativity, and sewing acuity to make an entry that stood out. We had Luscious of Borg dress as a living work of art with her Son of Man outfit, and an aptly-named and mustached “flavor saver” pumpkin by Richard R. and son. So far, excellent! (One judge was forced to recuse himself as he painted the apple on Ms. of Borg’s face.)

"I find your lack of pith disturbing"

Then CulturaBiotech pulled some maize out o’ the old packet and whipped up a Bt Corn Darth Vader. Stepping outside the pumpkin box, (and into a freeze dryer flask?) it sure caught the attention of the judges.
Then SkepticalVegan posted his entry… Frank N. Foode™. Hey that’s my name. Wait, what?
Holy Compost! It’s me, but I’m like almost 2 meters tall! He’s got my hair, eyes, and lab coat with a name tag.  I hear he also passed out cards on Halloween advertising our blog. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to hear any more!
The decision of the editors was swift, so I am pleased to announce the winners for Biofortified’s second annual Carving and Costume Contest:
Human by day, biotech corn by night

First place goes to Skeptical Vegan for being the first person with tassels of steel to dress as Frank N. Foode™ for Halloween! He will receive a blog tote bag, a Norman Borlaug coin, and a autographed hardcover edition of Denialism by Michael Specter!
Second place goes to Cultura Biotech for showing us the power of the dark side of The Force with her Bt Darth Vader. She will receive a blog tote bag and she also chose our second paperback copy of Denialism.
Science denialism must have everyone scared this Halloween, and now we’re out of that book! There are still so many more to choose from in future contests! Also, both of our winners have blogs of their own – check em out and see what they’re talking about!
So now with the second annual carving and costume contest done, I had a lot of work to do getting this pile of prizes ready to go. Armed with some cotton thread, the new tote bags have been finished, stuffed with goodies, and are on their way to the new winners’ (and previously mentioned winners’) places of residence, research, or world domination. And just in time for Cornmas!
Prize Distribution
This is the first time that biotech food actually involved a needle!

Thank you everyone for participating, and also thank the Non-GMO Project for letting us advertise this contest in their event calendar. It doesn’t look like any entries came from there, but who knows about next year?
And stay tuned this week, because we’ve got some important things to talk about as the blog continues into the new year, and some great news, too!


  1. Super congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered. What a great group of costumes and pumpkins!
    Hmm. I need to start planning my costume and pumpkin for 2012 😀

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