2011 Frankenfood Carving and Costume Contest

Hey there everyone, Frank N. Foode™ here. There have been lots of things going on in the world, but not so much that we can’t come together for another community contest. It is October, which means that we’re nearing the third birthday of this blog and of yours truly. What a better way to celebrate than by holding our second annual carving contest?
But, first things first. In our last community contest, we wanted to find the most co-existing community member who has provided helpful and productive comments. It was a difficult decision for the editors to make, but the winner of our fourth community contest is none other than Ewan R! His contributions to the community have been a delight, from long comments breaking down arguments piece by piece, to clever witticisms that always bring a laugh.
For his prize, he chose to receive a copy of Tomorrow’s Table, which is on its way to him along with a tote bag. Four cheers for Ewan! (Because three are not enough.)
So lets get to this year’s extravaganza.

In 2006, this was a really scary costume.

Last year, we held a contest for who could make the most awesome and creative carving. This year we will also open the contest up to costumes on the same theme!
Here are the rules:

  • This contest is open to everyone – you need not have ever commented on the blog before the day you enter in the contest. But, you will need to register for the blog to enter.
  • Carve any fruit, vegetable, grain, or heck, fungus into the scariest creature imaginable. While you may carve the classic pumpkin, extra points will be awarded for creative use of alternatives. Feel free to do a little genetic engineering and splice different plants together.
  • OR – carve yourself a killer plant or genetics-based costume. Whichever you choose – if you can include a reference to recent news, genes, or something we’ve talked about on the blog, that will certainly set you above the rest!
  • Upload a photo of your mad creation to your profile page, and mention it in the comments on this post below.
  • To give you time to upload a picture from Halloween, the contest is open until November 4th, at midnight Pacific time in the US.
  • Biofortified’s Editors will decide on a winner and announce it on Sunday the 6th.

I'm honored to be invited to your dinner party. So um, who else did you say was going to be there?

And what will you win? Besides eternal glory, we do have some prizes for you:
First place: A Biofortified tote bag, first pick of one of the books on our prize page, and a Norman Borlaug commemorative coin.
Second place: A Biofortified tote bag, and second pick of one of the books on our prize page.
Again, in order to enter this contest you will need to register, log in, and upload your entry photo. This is very easy to do, and you can find out more about it on our Community Tutorial page.
So break out your pumpkins and/or your sewing machines, and help us scare up a great Halloween! If you are hard up for carving ideas you could always check out Extreme Pumpkins. Make an extreme potato monster. Or put yourself in a potato sack and be the monster. Good luck! And be sure to let us know about your entry here in the comments. If we get a lot of great entries we might hand out extra prizes!


  1. Can I join? I’m going as a produce item for Halloween. Not a scary one, though. 😉
    Son of Ariela

  2. Here it is:
    Flaversaver Pumpkin
    My Flaversaver (sic) Pumpkin.
    Note – 2 left hands – read into that what you like, but my 4 year old son picked the hands and wasn’t to concerned with them being correct. He also thought the pumpkin needed a moustache.

  3. Having a mustache (a mammalian feature) makes this pumpkin obviously transgenic. Which means, the sight of this pumpkin would make Europeans flee in terror, and perhaps seek psychiatric help. Obviously the winner of the competition thus far.

  4. Hi guys, I am in Southern California and we are working hard to get prop 37 materials out and circulating before November elections. I realize this may be a big sacrifice, but if any of you know of anyone with fruit or vegetable costumes they’d be willing to loan us for about 3 weeks, it would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to stage some media events and need help with costuming/materials. Please, if you know of anyone with an old costume hanging around which they would be willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated and well cared for.
    thank you!

  5. It is amazing how even after 15 years, anti-GE groups can’t come up with something more creative than dressing as monsterous produce to scare people… and miss the point of this costume contest.
    Still, now I know we’re at the top of Google searches for “frankenfood costume”!

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