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Moving to soil with a better pH

Update: Biofortified is now in the process of transferring to a new web host, please bear with us as we make this transition. Comments are temporarily disabled.
Update 2: Biofortified has completed the move to our new server – comments are re-enabled!

You probably noticed the downtime that we experienced Monday afternoon. And memories of previous page loading errors are not far behind. Well, we are finally fed up with our current website host, and are planning to make a move – very soon. Maybe in two days. So while I comb the internet for good, reliable web hosts, I thought I might ask our readers if they knew of any? (Don’t say Dreamhost because that’s the nightmare that we’ve been experiencing!)
Biofortified is not a huge site, nor does it eat up a lot of bandwidth. But probably as a consequence of the number of plugins that we have running on our WordPress installation, it does eat up a pretty significant amount of server memory. This is why we were having errors in the past, until we bumped up the memory limits about a month ago, which seemed to solve the memory problems, but costs a little more dough. So memory, in the range of 400 MB, is one thing we will definitely need. Next, an uptime guarantee is essential. Dreamhost apparently does not have any such guarantee. (Even so, the typical 99.9% guarantee still leaves room for 8 hours of downtime per year.) Any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments.
I mentioned the cost factor. We are still riding on the grant that we got from the Changemakers contest, but there are a few things that we’re working on and planning to do that will put a strain on the blog’s remaining funds. There will be an announcement soon about how you can help us out, but for now – help us find some new digs for the blog!


  1. You may want to check the blogchat transcript from last night as someone was having server issues and a number of folks gave critiques of the hosts they have — pros & cons. If you can find the transcript its always in @MackCollier’s timeline. Not sure whether it gets posted to his website or not.
    Good luck!

  2. My favorite themes provide woothemes uses these guys:
    I think the price is ok if you need to be professional and aim for 100% uptime and big memory. For my smaller private wordpress, I have been fine with so far although many people complain about them. With our association, we have Dual Hosting unlimited. Nice thing is that their php Memory (which is crucial with wordpress + plugins and not to be mixed up with the general memory) is 96MB, which is more then the usual 64MB or even 32 which you tend to get with most other hosters (e.g. bluehost)…

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