Apple Breeding

Do you like Honeycrisp apples, and have you ever wondered what it takes to breed delicious fruits like that? Well in April, UW-Madison was paid a visit by Jim Luby from the University of Minnesota, the apple (and wine grape) breeder who released the Honeycrisp apple. After his seminar, I got a chance to sit down with him and talk about his career in plant breeding – with a camera, of course. I present to you the latest installment of my Fields of Study video series: Apple Breeding with Jim Luby!

This will be the last video* I will produce for this series with Dick Geier, at Merit Media here at UW-Madison. He was always climbing on top of things like ladders in greenhouses, the back of my truck, a cart in the back of a classroom, and a corn detasseling tractor and potato harvester, or crawling through rows of corn. His eye for interesting camera angles, ear for matching music, and editing style and professionalism and efficiency is amazing. His work added a level of quality and interest to the videos that I can only aspire to. I wish him a happy retirement – and hope he will always find ways to keep busy with his creativity!

Dick points while Clark gets ready to shoot

*There will be more videos in this series.

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  1. i am interested in this because i am an undergraduate in plant breeding in the university of agriculture abeokuta nigeria.

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