Superior searching

Ever try to find some fact-based information about agriculture, gardening, nutrition… but had a hard time getting past all the junk sites? Extension may be the key to getting the information you need.

eXtension collects fact-based information from subject matter experts in extension offices at from 74 land-grant institutions in the US so it can be easily accessed by anyone 24/7/365. This non-profit is overseen by representatives of land grant institutions chosen by each of 7 regions in the US (details on mission and oversight can be found at the eXtension Foundation website).  

If you go to the website, it should auto-detect your location so you can find information from your closest extension office. You can also choose to select a different institution by zip code or state or just browse the list of institutions. Another option is to view subjects by resource areas aka Communities of Practice.

eXtension has a special search function that allows you to search almost 1000 cooperative extension sites. If you don’t find what you need there, you can Ask an Expert. You can even attach an image if your question is about something you’ve seen, like a plant disease or insect you can’t identify.

I just have to get on my soapbox for a moment. Unfortunately, despite its importance, funding for extension does not seem to be a priority. For example, last time I checked, the Iowa legislature was looking at a $20 million cut for extension, on top of state cuts for universities, on top of federal cuts for universities and extension. Similar or worse cuts are happening across the country.

If you find non-biased, independent information on agriculture to be a valuable service, please let your elected officials know. You could even use a nifty Web 2.0 service like Votizen!