Webcasts TONIGHT

There are two very different webcasts that might be of interest to Biofortified readers happening tonight.
How do we Feed the Planet? Global Food Security and the Next Century
This webcast is the culmination of a semester’s work by freshmen in an MIT class titled Solving Complex Problems. Thanks to Sara Kaplan, a colleague in Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State, for sharing this opportunity. Sara is a mentor for the students in this class. The webcast is scheduled for 7pm (I’m assuming Eastern Standard Time).
Protecting Your Idea
This webcast is about intellectual property. It is being presented by Alan Blake, CEO of the company that invented Glo Fish, and Michael Simmons, the author of The Student Success Manifesto. This webcast is from 7-8:30pm Eastern Standard Time, and you need to register in advance. Thanks to Dave Correll, another colleague at ISU, for sharing this opportunity. Dave is the founder of BioBus, a student organization working to reclaim used vegetable oil on campus to use to fuel our CyRide buses.