The Big Dragon has an Appetite

China’s hungry again
03 Dec, 2010 11:19 AM

Farm on Line
THE global economy might be only running in second gear, but demand for food is fast moving into supercharged territory again, particularly in hungry China.

In October average food prices jumped 10 per cent as commodity prices leapt in the dragon economy, which is now poised to overheat on several fronts.

The ruling State Council has just ordered local governments to boost agricultural production, stabilise food supplies and reduce prices, also instructing local officials to ensure fuel, heating oil and power supplies are sufficient as winter arrives. (more at link)

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David Tribe

Written by David Tribe

David Tribe’s research career in academia and industry has covered molecular genetics, biochemistry, microbial evolution and biotechnology. He has over 60 publications and patents. Dr. Tribe's recent activities focus on agricultural policy and food risk management. He teaches graduate programs in food science and risk management as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agriculture and Food Systems, University of Melbourne.
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