Green Revolution 2.0

Featured image of the 2010 ASA, CSSA, and SSSA meetings.

Ever wonder what the heck people mean when they say we need a “Second Green Revolution” or a “Greener Revolution”? There is a unique opportunity to find out!
Green Revolution 2.0: Food + Energy and Environmental Security was the theme of this year’s ASA, CSSA, and SSSA 2010 International Annual Meetings that took place 31 October to 4 Novermber this year in Long Beach, CA. ASA is the American Society of Agronomy, CSSA is the Crop Science Society of America, and SSSA is the Soil Science Society of America. These three organizations hold thousands of scientists all the way from grad students to professors emeritus.
Many of the scientists that presented at the meetings made their presentations open access so that any one could learn about their research. Yes, that means you can access many of the presentations for free! Topics range all the way from Agroclimatology to Wetland soils. There’s Extension Education and Biotechnology… and so many more. You can browse by subject or author or even search for key words. This is a great chance to learn about the science that’s going on right now without needing to go behind a paywall. Want to discuss any of the presentations or posters? Start a conversation in the Biofortified forum!

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  1. Hah! I should have put this up, cuz I was there. Got a pile of pictures and a few things to say, too. But I didn’t know that the audio files were up already. For those who really want to find my presentation, it is here on this page:
    But I am a little confused about why they only recorded the audio for my presentation, and not the video of the presentation. Perhaps it is because I had a video file playing in the middle of the powerpoint and they didn’t know what to do with that? Heck, I could do that overnight now that I have the audio…

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