Do you support innovation in South Australian crop trials? Vote here.

We need to alert you all to the fact that a poll on GM crop trials in South Australia is open on the Stock and Land website at the moment. See the right side bar on
I encourage you all to vote and also to encourage any like minded colleagues to vote as well. The poll question is do you support the GM crop trials is South Australia and currently the answers are 21.4% yes 78.6% no. There have only been 146 votes so far though so it would be great if we could change those percentages around.


  1. OK, I voted. My head’s in Australia right now anyway. I’m watching The Ashes.
    Q: Do you support trials of GM crops in South Australia?
    Yes (34.2%)
    No (65.8%)
    Total Votes: 184

  2. No independant health studies No insurance for a NON GM farmer in the event of contamination
    No accurate labelling laws What a con job

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