It gets better

The It Gets Better Project is a national effort to stop people from bullying LGBT youths. Public figures have created videos in which they encourage youths to keep persevering in their lives, including Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and many many more – over 6,000 videos so far. Why am I bringing this up on Biofortified? Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has submitted a video and posted it on the It Gets Better website but also on the USDA blog. This shows a real commitment by the USDA to help prevent harassment of LGBT youths. As Secretary Vilsack said, LGBT youth in small-town and rural America are particularly at risk. The USDA has a lot of reach into those communities, so this commitment has the potential to do real good. Thank you, Secretary Vilsack!

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  1. On a much lighter note, check out the video of Betty White being named an honorary Park Ranger with the Forest Service. She pledges to continue to work to preseve our national forests. Smokey the Bear is there!

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