Jorge Cham and chili peppers

Jorge Cham, the creator of the hilarious and successful online comic strip, Piled Higher and Deeper (Ph.D.), just visited NMSU’s Chili Pepper Institute, and took video! Check it out.

PHD Tales from the Road – NMSU’s Chile Pepper Institute from PHD Comics on Vimeo.

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Written by Karl Haro von Mogel

Karl Haro von Mogel serves as BFI’s Director of Science and Media and as Co-Executive Editor of the Biofortified Blog. He has a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from UW-Madison with a minor in Life Sciences Communication. He is a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Riverside and works on Citrus genetics.


  1. Personally, I like my chilis without genes. So much hotter that way! 🙂
    Maybe some interesting interviews in the movie:
    Dr. Hanson : NMSU
    Prof Seralini ; —– Uhhhh, never mind…..

  2. Pdiff,
    What you’re talking about is the post-modernist journalistic requirement of ‘balance’ in reporting. Always have to present the other side.
    You know, like how every time the Hubbell Space Telescope project finds something new, they have to quote the Flat Earth Society.
    Ummm. I guess not. Oh well.

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