Interview in Ithaca NY

Friday afternoon, Anastasia and I were taking part in special conference call via Skype, which soon enough, you’ll get to listen in on. We were being interviewed for Science Cabaret on Air, produced by Jenny Nelson. We talked about misconceptions about genetic engineering, contradictions and conspiracy theories, and misleading non-peer-reviewed research. We also talked about what may be driving some of the anti-GE sentiments out there, and how that very underlying issue may soon instead drive acceptance. What could that be? Well, you’ll just have to listen to the interview!
Science Cabaret airs on WICB 91.7 fm, a community radio station in Ithaca NY, every Sunday evening from 7-7:30 pm Eastern time. That means that the interview we recorded on Friday will be broadcast tonight for those who are in the Ithaca area. Tune your old radio wave receiving devices to 91.7 fm, or if you are not in the area or are a grad student buried deep underground in the lab (as is common on Sunday evenings), you can listen to a live stream of the show here.
If you miss the show, we’ll let you know when the podcast version is online.
We also talked about a new super-secret project that we haven’t yet announced here on the blog, as we’re finishing up some accompanying materials that will go along with it. Actually it shouldn’t be that secret as you can find it just by navigating. Maybe you have found it already? If you listen to the show you’ll know where to look. Our discussion also got me thinking about a couple issues which might make it into some blog posts soon. And I’m finally going to get some audio edited and put online to satiate everyone while you wait for the podcast of Science Cabaret on Air.
Also, Jenny works for the Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat project at Cornell, so maybe we’ll see a guest post about their work on stopping Ug99 here at Biofortified?