Interview with me

While I was at the 2010 BIO convention, I was running around capturing footage, talking to people about our site, and taking pictures of Frank’s escapades whenever I could. Somehow in the middle of all this, the Council for Biotechnology Information grabbed me for an interview.* While I am normally on the other side of the recording device, I thought I did pretty well. Here I am talking about the biggest misunderstanding about Genetically Engineered crops, and also the stuff I am really looking forward to in the next decade.

It looks like I am sleepy, but maybe that is because I was looking down toward my interviewer, so next time I shall imagine I am talking to someone much taller, like Shaq. I can understand why they edited out my diatribe about biotech companies plotting to take over the world,** but what about my plug for Biofortified?
* Note: no exchange of currency was involved in this interview. But I think there was a blood oath or a pinky swear in there somewhere.
**Tongue firmly planted in cheek.


  1. Really? They edited out a Biofortified plug? Seems like that’s proof the GMO overlords don’t approve of us. So we’re off the hook! No more shill claims can be made against us!

  2. That was great! It’s good for you to be getting that experience communicating–and even the part about understanding that they cut pieces the way they do.
    That that shirt is…sumpthin’. I have a dress with wheat on it. I need to have another look at that.

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