morgellons fibers

What is Morgellons Disease?

Written by Sarah Bione-Dunn

Terrifying, painful, exhausting. When I have spoken with people who identify as having Morgellons disease, these are the words I hear. Most researchers and medical professionals consider Morgellons Disease to be synonymous with Delusory Parasitosis, a false, unshakable belief that insects are living in or on your skin or inside your body. Yet, several small, concerted groups work to express it as a distinct medical condition.

morgellons fibers
Red and blue fibers, described as “Morgellons fibers”.

Morgellons Disease was first described in academic literature in 2005, when an unidentified number of patients described itching, crawling sensations, lesions, and the eruption of red and blue fibers and “granules” from their skin. Most had Lyme disease, and MD was thought to be significantly related to that (Savely & Leitao, 2005).

Recently, agrobacterium was indicted as the new culprit, when two self-identified Morgellons Disease patients with scleroderma were found to have increased amounts of cellulose-protein complex in their connective tissue (Savely & Stricker, 2007, Harvey et al, 2009). A multi-systemic medical framework for MD with immunodeficiency problems has been described (Harvey et al, 2009).

Lesions, attributed to Morgellons Disease.
Lesions, attributed to Morgellons Disease.

The majority of physicians and researchers consider Morgellons Disease to be synonymous with Delusory Parasitosis (Murase, Woo & Koo, 2006), with the difference that it is not believed to be parasites, but about the fibers and granules (Robles et al, 2008). In response, proponents of MD as a medical condition herald it as different from Delusory Parasitosis, citing a “lack of pre-existing psychopathology” (Savely & Stricker, 2007).

Yet, a study by Harvey et al (2009) found 25 self-diagnosed Morgellons Disease participants all had previous diagnoses of Delusory Parasitosis, and 23 had other previous diagnoses, including bipolar disorder, attention-deficit disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, the symptoms of which coincided with the onset of their Morgellons Disease symptoms. These psychological diagnoses have many somatic connections, and their medications commonly have side effects of itching, crawling, and tingling sensations (Hinkle, 2000), indicating that a psychological composition of Morgellons Disease is very likely.

Some will disagree with a psychological conceptualization of Morgellons Disease, and firmly believe that this is a distinct medical condition. In fact, a DP diagnosis is not always accurate, such as with cutaneous myiasis, where fly larvae inhabits the skin of a person (Barros et al, 2010). Medical and scientific knowledge, and identification of new pathogens, diseases, and treatments, continually occur.

The burden of proof is on the advocates for Morgellons Disease to be a distinct medical condition. In my opinion, mental health should be recognized as the possible, if not probable foundation of Morgellons Disease. Fibers and granules of dirt and debris are everywhere. Increased cellulose-protein complex in two patients who also have scleroderma is still distant from being definitive. Harvey’s study found many vague health anomalies, yet the autoimmune problems sound like what one would expect from intense stress (Khansari et al, 1990). What would be more stressful than the real or perceived experience of an infestation of the most personal and offensive kind, the body?

Dr. Harvey recommends that we be open and skeptical, and I agree. The CDC is in the data-analysis stage of an investigation of Morgellons Disease through Kaiser in Northern California. As a scientist and as a person who is aware of the suffering of people with these experiences, I look forward to the results.


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Written by Guest Expert

Sarah Bione-Dunn is a psychologist who conducts both clinical work and research. At the time this was written, Sarah was a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Alliant International University.



  1. In looking at Harvey’s case series, it reinforces my conceptualization of the disease called Morgellons as low nitric oxide (nitropenia) with the skin as the major target organ. I have a write-up on it.
    I think calling it a hallucination of parisitosis would be better. The itchy-creepy-crawly feelings occur in the skin, those feelings are quite real and very reminiscent of cocaine and amphetamine over use. Calling it a delusion would be like calling phantom limb pain “delusional limb pain”. The limb pain is real, even if the limb is no longer there.
    The blood work-up findings that reinforce it as nitropenia include
    anemia: hemoglobin is the sink for NO, high NO activates HIF-alpha increasing Epo levels. I think the anemia associated with end stage kidney failure is also due to low NO.
    high blood glucose: insufficient glucose delivery to peripheral tissues, glucose delivery to cells is from plasma in extravascular space, not from blood. Cells between capillaries consume glucose, cells farthest from capillary don’t get enough, body tries to compensate with hyperglycemia, cells close to capillary saturate (glucose take up is active via GLUT) so cells farther away can get more.
    High blood insulin: Cells too far from a capillary don’t get enough glucose, try to get more GLUT transporters by getting more insulin, cells close to capillary take up the insulin first, cells too far don’t get enough, insulin take-up saturates (i.e. insulin resistance) to leave for cells farther from a capillary, they still don’t get enough.
    Diffuse inflammation: When cells too far from a capillary don’t get enough glucose, they necrose and die, spill their cytoplasm into the extravascular space, activating immune system clearance and inflammation. Source of anti-nuclear antibodies and other autoimmune antibodies. The skin as a target organ doesn’t have the same autoimmune target potential that other organs do (liver for example in primary biliary cirrhosis).
    Exercise intolerance: Mitochondria are responsible for aerobic ATP production, when there are not enough to generate ATP at a sufficient rate, there will be an inability to sustain muscle activity. Muscle can generate ATP from stored phosphates and from glucose via glycolysis, but the quantity of ATP that can be so produced is limited. When that stored and glycolytic ATP is exhausted, if mitochondria cannot supply enough, then fatigue is inevitable and severe. Mitochondria biogenesis is triggered by NO, so low NO results in fewer mitochondria. There can be positive feedback because as fewer mitochondria are called on to make more ATP each, they generate more superoxide and this pulls down the NO level still more. Insufficient mitochondria are the cause of the chronic fatigue in CFS, primary biliary cirrhosis, dilative cardiomyopathy, and some others.
    High heart rate: I think this is analogous to the hyperdynamic hemodynamic state observed sometimes in portal hypertension.
    Weight gain results from insufficient mitochondrial ATP production, so more has to be made from glycolysis. It takes 19 times more glucose to make ATP from glycolysis than from oxidative phosphorylation. Glycolysis also makes lactate which is usually recycled, but that takes liver mitochondria to do. If there are not enough, then the lactate has to be gotten rid of some way, I think that way is to make fat because every cell can turn lactate into fat. I think this is the source of the fat in cachexia. Muscles get turned into amino acids to make glucose which gets turned into lactate which gets turned into fat.

  2. Thanks Sarah for this excellent primer.
    For those who aren’t sure about the relevance, there are all kinds of websites out there where people claim a multitude of causes for Morgellon’s. One of the main purported causes is genetic engineering. It seems pretty bizarre that someone would think that engineering an alternate form of an amino acid synthesizing enzyme or an insect-specific toxic protein would cause a proliferation of fibers in skin lesions. But they don’t know much about genetic engineering – or much about what could be causing such a condition.
    A recently emerged technology is latched onto instead of more likely causes. It might as well be caused by cell phones. Sounds kind of like the mystery surrounding Colony Collapse Disorder. Hopefully these people can be helped, whether it is psychological or due to some unknown cause.

  3. Sarah, I appreciate your taking the time to write this article. As I have very little expertise in the area of Morgellons myself, I found this article to be most informative. I was not aware that putative cases of Morgellons were being attributed to genetic engineering. You have done a good job of succinctly presenting the history and controversy surrounding this issue, and I find your analysis to be compelling.

  4. Karl,
    As far as I understand it the link to genetic engineering here was brought about by the studies mentioned in this article where Agrobacterium tumefaciens was shown to be present in lesions supposedly caused by this disease.
    A. tumefaciens is a bacteria used to transfer genes to plants via T-DNA casettes located on bacterial plasmid DNA, as most geneticists will know. This led the usual scaremongers ( and their like) to immediately make the logical fallacy that GMOs must be responsible for this disease. This idea seems to have caught on.
    However, once infected by the A. tumefaciens strain carrying a modified transgene plasmid, GM plants are then propagated in sterile cultures meaning there is virtually no chance of even a single bacterial cell finding its way onto the T0 transgenic plant, let alone those bulked up for commercial seed production.
    On the other hand, pick up a handful of soil anywhere in the world and you’re probably holding hundreds of thousands of wild A. tumefaciens bacterial cells.
    Obviously this can’t be the source of bacteria found in the leasions of Morgellon’s Disease sufferers. It must be the sub-infinitessimal exposure to strains used to produce GM plants. Right?

  5. Sarah, this is very engrossing and is further evidence that the mind can be an enemy or an ally. I appreciate that your data is solid and non-bais. Please keep up the good work and continue to keep the world informed as new data is revealed. Tanya~

  6. Your (empassioned) comment was held for moderation by wordpress (the blog program). I saw it late last night and decided to wait until the morning to decide whether to approve it. No one is saying that what you experience is not real – suffering is suffering. For example, phantom limb pain is still pain even though there is no limb. I find fibers on me all the time – it’s called lint. I find a lot more of them in open wounds than just skin, which makes sense because wounds are sticky.
    I do not think it would be good to continue to discuss your medical symptoms on the blog, but I would like to ask you one question: Did you determine that you had Morgellon’s Disease from reading things on the internet, or from the diagnosis of a medical doctor?

  7. ____,
    I’ve never heard it mentioned before that Morgellon’s is caused by lice. Nor that fibres fall off the victims at such a rate that you can follow a trail of them. You haven’t got the open lesions too you say? Seems strange as MD “sufferers” always have this. Almost the main symptom. In which case I’d say this isn’t what is referred to (mainly by crackpots) as Morgellon’s. Get a proper diagnosis, at a hospital. A verbal diagnosis by a “friend who is a doctor” is wholly inadequate for the symptoms you describe.
    Have you been treated for lice infestation? It sounds like you haven’t from what you say. If not, why?

  8. Thank you for the link, tgrimes. I read it through.
    I always find it interesting how Ms. Savely and Dr. Stricker report correlations to Lyme disase and focus on the fibers, while Dr. Harvey et al do not, and while mention fibers once do not include it in their proposed characterization of Morgellons Disease.

  9. Hi ____,
    While some people have not met people who cite having Morgellons Disease, as I stated in the article, I have spoken on the phone with and reviewed samples from some people who say they have Morgellons. More, when one reviews literature on the topic, the literature (though only recently) is from actual studies, rather than a summation of anecdotes. And as we see the studies become more concrete, we do find important information. Such as, as Dr. Harvey et al indicate, “Strikingly,” all have been previously diagnosed with DP, and almost hall have mental heath conditions that began at the same time as the Morgellons symptoms. And while Ms. Savely and Dr. Stricker report that about 30% of their participants had a history of depression, they did not note other psychological issues that were present, if the participants were asked all. Do you know why Dr. Harvey and Dr. Stricker do not work together, since they frequently have differeing conclusions?

  10. Thanks, ____, for your more measured response and additional details.
    The universe is full of mysteries waiting to be solved, and it takes time, diligence, and an open mind to figure out and accept the way things are. Perhaps there is more to the Morgellons pattern than internet memes, and we should keep our minds open to some new undescribed virus, or prion, or who knows what might be causing it. The corollary is, those who believe they have a new and bizarre condition need to be open to the possibility that it could be something mundane, or nervous in origin, or perhaps primarily psychological. In absence of clear explanations, people come up with all kinds of ideas to explain new phenomena, and the real danger is latching onto false or misleading explanations that keep us from figuring out what is really going on. The reason why we thought it would be good to talk about Morgellons on Biofortified is that a large segment of the Morgellons community (if you can call it that) have decided that Genetically Engineered foods must be causing this itchy fibrous condition. Without evidence, of course. Hopefully an answer to your condition as well as others will be found, and that little time is wasted on dead ends.

  11. I first began experiencing signs and symptoms of this condition back in 2002 and the only thing that I was disillusioned about was the treatment I endured from the so called medical professionals.
    I really would like to know how you get a medical doctor to diagnose your condition when they won’t even consider the possibility that the condition is real and not DP. The doctors that I seen regarding my condition couldn’t be bothered to even order up the simplest lab tests. It’s just so much easier to consider the client a nut case and zone them with antipsychotic medication and to hell with the fact that there really could be a physical cause instead of a mental issue.
    Why would any of us that suffer from this want to expose ourselves to any more humilation from the medical field. The majority of us have learned to treat the condition the best we can which is more than we could ever expect from the majority of the medical personel.

  12. Perhaps you should gather a few different speices of the springtails and keep them unconfined in your home. I think you may find that they are interesting insects that can do amazing things to your physical and mental being not to mention the damage they cause to the home it self.
    I know this sounds totally bizarre but there is no way to explain it so the best way to understand is to get first hand experience.

  13. Hello Karl…can you please remove all my posts from this site as some of my friends are unaware of what’s going on with me at present and I would like to keep it that way. I just googled my name and this site popped up. I have contacted the hospital in London to make an appointment and will let you guys know what they come back with even if they diagnose DP..Thanks for the discussion and talk to you all soon.
    P.S. I had never heard of Prions before..very interesting..adios..___
    Note to readers: Several of the above comments have been removed and edited by the request of a commenter who does not wish potential personal medical information from being associated with their name. If it seems like someone is responding to a comment that is not there, this is why. -KJHvM.

  14. I can tell you first hand that I began feeling crawling and pin prick sensations after a flea infestation of my home. Being computer literate I associated my symptoms with Morgellons. I also found though research that a a greater than 95% of Mogellons victims were possitive for Lyme. Then I found a Lyme Literate psychiatrist who has been involved with Morgellons trials. I then went to this doctor who tested me for Lyme and I was possitive. So let’s see I self diagnosed Morgellons and then I proved it with testing. You say did a doctor diagnose Morgellons? are you kidding me…. Doctor’s refuse to believe it exists. I have it and I don’t want to believe it exists. I too don’t have open sores and there are many people who don’t but have 70% of the other symptoms. By the way the psychiatrist does not feel I am delusional and I have 70% of the symptoms associated with Morgellons.. Too bad there isn’t a doctor who will diagnose it or know how to treat it.

  15. ive recently found out im ‘bugfood’ for lack of a better term. i thought i had morgellons, maybe i do, i DO know that my skin biopsy said ‘bites’ i DO know that since i moved into my elderly dads run down house is when it started. everytime i fix a room, peeling wallpaper,etc, i get these stupi sores. i think ive narrowed it down to some kind of ‘pantry bugs’, little brown tiny flying bugs that live in pantry and paper.( like wallpaper, old furnoture, mattresses,etc)
    but ive been nonstop hunting for info as well as goine to 2 dermatologists. ‘the i know a guy who knows a guy’ crap isnt for me, and ive made a few forums really mad simply by asking questions of their ‘super stanniger’ the ultimate god. turns out, haha, she done disappeared just as fast as she appeared.people are still trying to plug her products though.
    so far, i cant say that ive come across one really beliveable person with this morgellons, i had an emergency room tell me ‘best as they can tell, i have morgellons;..but i may be the only one.and id rather be called delusional than called sucker…stanninger is a fraud, this is perobably her new name

  16. Hi Ron,
    You self-diagnosed for Morgellons, but you were diagnosed with Lyme disease. Are you feeling better after treatment for Lyme disease?
    Also, you found research that 95% of Morgellons victims are positive for Lyme, could you share the link to that article?

  17. Hi Jane,
    I’ve had those little brown bugs myself, from not sealing a bag of flour. They never bit me, but they bit you? I would wonder if all the repairs you’re doing on an old house might not be an allergy of some kind?

  18. On 18 May 2010, Brian Dunning’s Skeptoid podcast covered Morgellons, providing information that is complimentary to this post. He discusses the delicate balance between a diagnosis based on the current scientific literature and compassion for a distressed patient.
    Brian says “If I were a doctor, this would be my pitch to a Morgellons sufferer”:

    We don’t yet know what causes these filaments and the related symptoms, but the CDC is currently investigating it. We hope to have a proven diagnosis and treatment once they finish their studies. In the meantime, we may be able to make you more comfortable by helping you deal with the stress that this is causing you. Whatever the cause turns out to be, the accompanying stress is making you suffer more than you deserve to.

    After reading many of the comments here, I have to agree with Brian that something like this would best help patients with these symptoms until the cause of the symptoms is better understood.

  19. jane, sarah, i have those brown bugs, and i believe, it is fungus gnats, i have this condition since 2006, i believe it is the gnats causing our symptoms, i had seen collembola before, but i believe it is imature fungus gnat parasiting on us , it is the imature larve crawling on our skin and drop to environment or use our clothing textile to pupate, that is why we see all sort of cotton balls, and so much lints fiber floats around us, what really scares me is there seems thousands of thess egg or larve on our skin, i think our body is producing baby gnats systemeticaily, i had a doctor called me delutional and try to prescribe anti-psycotic drug, he said there were other person came to see him for the same problem before, and he told him the same thing, and we all are crazy, my dog have same symptom and is he crazy too, i can observe his condition, please try launder towels, or your comfoter and hang dry outside and see what is hatching out of it, it is near tiny fly, you have to use magnifying lenz, 10x or more, they like cotton, wool, and papers, i had quilts using for my dog’s bed, washed and dried, and put out in hot sun, hundreds of near invisible gnats hatched out of it,try and see,

  20. I am no scientist or Dr so my opinion will probably fall on deaf ears, but thats ok. A married couple that I am friends with have told me for the past 7 years that they have Morgellons. That the lesions they both had were caused by it, along with many other symptoms. For 5 of those years I believed they did not have morgellons, but had delusional parasitosis. I figured the lesions and other problems were caused by the fact they are long time heroin addicts and it was the toxins causing the sores. (not that it matters but I am drug free, wotk in a hospital on the ortho/surg unit and also work a little in gero/psych) . Two years ago I started itching like mad, feeling little stings. I would feel what felt like a hair rubbing against my skin but when i looked I wouldnt find anything. I went to the Dermatologist thinking it must be lice or something…was prescribed meds fot it but it didnt go away. after 3 visits to Doc (btw not once did the Doc even look at my skin or examine me…and No, I dud not say a word about morgellons, only about lice).. well now i have the “fibers” that come out of my skin, and yes the do move. I always thought it was air currents ot static elec. that made them move when my friends showed me, so I put some under a glass on a rubber mat and they still moved. now medically I would love a simple explanation, other than there is lots of lint/crud in the emviroment….these things sometimes hurt really bad as they come out. you can also pull them out sometimes with tweezers. i wish it was delusional, because then i could take something to make it go away, but its not. I have found a med that you can apply to ones skin that has morgellons and within 20 seconds you will see hundreds of these fibers come out of the skin. its called VOLTAREN GEL. its a topical drug for pain that from what i understand is supposed to help relieve pain where applied by using the bodies hormones somehow? So if you want to truly be open minded about this, check it out. its a pretty easy way to see that no it is not just junk in the air or lint on the body…thanks for your time,,,,

  21. Ron. i do believe there is Doctors now that will….I just heard of a court case in Florida that the person was awarded dissability for Morgellons….google it,,,its a start…Why is it the results of the CDC study are months and months past when they were supposed to be released? If it is as alot of people seem to think just delusional,then how hard would it be to release that statement is what they found…oh and why would they say they are trying to determine what the common factor is between those “afflicted”?..
    keep your minds open ive heard so many times from people who dont believe,,,,,I always have and just like you wish it was delusional, its funny they say that to us, as they are the ones not willing or able to keep their minds open….

  22. I just wanted to share a little experience I have had with threads that appear to be coming out of my body over the past few weeks.
    While I’ve been working in the field this summer, I’ve gotten a lot of mosquito bites. I’m not very good at stopping myself from scratching so I unfortunately have a lot of small open wounds on my arms and legs right now. Every once in a while I notice strange threads coming out of them. While it is possible that I have Morgeollon’s, it’s much more likely that I just have lint from my clothes getting stuck in the scratch-opened sores.
    I’m not saying that everyone who has threads coming out of sores is due to clothing lint, but it does seem like a very reasonable explanation based on my personal experience.

  23. I’m just going to weigh in from what I’ve heard as well.
    Being an entomologist, this puts me in contact with quite a few folks who have had people demand to look at their scabs. According to the entomologists who I’ve known that have dealt with this, the fibers are almost always clothing fibers, pet hair or something similar. Very rarely are parasites found, but there is always the misdiagnosed scabies case which presents an exception to the rule.
    I’m also recovering from my first encounter with a fire ant mound (so much fun) which left me with some rather unsightly pustules around my ankles. There’s blue and white fibers in the scabs…my wardrobe consists of blue jeans and white socks. It’s not a coincidence.

  24. Hello Craig,
    I just checked out Voltaren Gel. It’s supposed to be for joint pain. It says not to use it on cuts or a rash because if it gets into your blood stream it could cause a stroke. Please be very careful with this medication and make sure you are using it properly by asking a doctor.

  25. Ouch! Fire ant bites are sooo much worse than mosquito bites! I don’t envy you there.
    Did you know I almost died from fire ants when I was little? My family lived in South Florida where fire ants are voracious and I fell into a huge mound. My mom had to pick me up and run me into the house where she sprayed me down in the bathtub, carrying the ants away. I don’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t been right there watching me. Scary.
    Most of my scab fibers are black or dark blue because supposedly dark colors attract mosquitoes less than light colors so that’s what I’ve been wearing in the field. Is that true? Somehow I doubt it, but I’ll take any advantage I can get!

  26. Anne, that sounds pretty scary. I hope you are ok. I have to say it does sound pretty unlikely to be fungus gnats because they are a plant pest that does not bite animals let alone lay eggs on them, but perhaps it could be a different type of insect. Do you have any pictures of these insects? Perhaps Joe, one of Biofortified’s authors and an entomologist, could help you figure out what type of insect it is.

  27. anastasia,, ,please buy fly japper and put it on top of bowl of water, and see what get caught on it it is tiny fungus gnat, some looks like straw, i am sure it is the gnats and fungi, and mold it creates causing morgellons, please see you-tube video of morgellons and gm fungus gnats, he is right, it is the fungus gnats, i know i have this condition over 4 years, these are near microscopic in size, it is hard to see,

  28. entomologist, please tell me why these fungus gnats are on me and my dog, there is no plant or soil inside my house and i am catching 20-50 tiny fungus gnats daily on my fly zapper inside my house, i believe either they are genetically modified or the environmental changes causing these gnats to migrate to indoors and parasiting on animals, all those flying fiber or lints are these gnat larve eating up the textile fiber cause dusts and lint fiber, these gnat larva seem to be able to embedded to skin and wood floor, it can penetrate pocelian sink and become part of sink
    it looks it can change it form,

  29. I think we can see that many extraordinary claims are being made here, which we can slice off with Occam’s Razor. Genetically modified Gnat larvae that can burrow into porcelain and become part of your sink… or delusional parasitosis which has already been described and has evidence to support it? Fungus gnats, however, feed on decaying plant matter and not people.

  30. Dr Harvey, hmmm.
    The guy who claimed that the red fibers are female worms and the blue one are the male and both having sex together!
    what a pseudo-crap scientific site!!

  31. Right to the point. The mental problems people experience are from neurotoxins produced by this bacteria. Violacien producing bacteria have also been found in the lesions (except these have a floresence added to them as a tag, only man could do that). Maybe why they won’t heal. My thought is some lab or our goverment tried experamenting with differant plant bacterias for GE plants and some people have a deformed chromason that allows it to live and reproduce in them. given the right triggers, like differant types of pestisides or certain medications ecspecially ones ending in “eene” for example codien, most medications make me break out. But in the last 11 years i have had 3 big breakouts that last about 9 months. first two times it was only on my head and face. this time it is also on my limbs. I am just a house wife (with horrible spelling) but I have been doing a lot of research on this. Now that everyone knows about it, how come they haven’t figured some of this stuff out themselves being scientists and all. My main concern is that in between my first and second breakout before i knew it was something, I had a baby girl, she is now 6 and very smart but has shown some signs of this. It starts in the brain, I always notice my “brain fog” first. And yes at stressful times, stress lowers our immune system and this is when they take advantage and start up. I think. If anyone can make sense of my babblings please let me know what you think.
    And the fibers have been tested to be the same materiel used in fiberoptics a cellose or something. but it is not always lint.

  32. Shelly, how do you know that it is a bacteria? And also, I don’t think fiber optic cables are made from cellulose, are they?

  33. Shelley, I’m really sorry that you’re sick. I can imagine that being sick and not knowing why would be really frustrating. The CDC is currently analyzing data they collected from people who are having problems similar to yours, hopefully they’ll be able to make some conclusions from the data. You can learn more about the study here: CDC Investigation.
    Did someone test for Violacien producing bacteria in your wounds? Violacien is a natural pigment found in a variety of bacteria, but these bacteria have been found to be non-pathogenic, meaning that they do not cause disease. Violacien has some antibiotic properties, which I’d think would maybe make it a good thing to have in a wound. Researchers found that some wild salamanders carry Violacien producing bacteria on their backs that protects their skin from a deadly fungus (see Science Daily for details). I couldn’t find any indication of whether Violacien fluoresces on its own, but there are a lot of compounds that have natural fluorescence so simply having fluorescence isn’t proof that the bacteria were genetically engineered. Do you have any links to information describing what testing was done to determine the fluorescence or anything else about the bacteria?
    When you say “chromason” do you mean chromosome? There are many conditions that are caused by mutations in human genes, such as Sickle Cell (you can find a whole list of genetic disorders on Wikipedia). It is possible that the symptoms you are experiencing are due to a mutation, but only a large study can tell us for sure. Hopefully the CDC study will tell us.
    If I was in your situation, I would try to avoid codine and any other medications that I’d previously had a bad reaction to and just try to keep my stress levels down by doing things like taking a few minutes break to breathe deeply whenever I start to feel stressed. I’d also check the CDC site every month or so to see if they have any results.

  34. I am sorry for throwing my imformation together without listing my sources. I will back track some of my findings and give you there sites. Do you have this condition Anastasia? Because I don’t think you would sound so condisending if you did. With this stuff active I have a very hard time explaining things no matter how much I know about it. And when my other break outs went away I was just as stressed as I was when it started just maybe more depressed.(I also moved to a military post..?) This all makes me sound like a mental case. I am usally quick witted, fun and outgoing. Not when this stuff is active. And I am not on, and haven’t been in years,on any prescription drugs or any other drugs as far as that goes.

  35. Shelly, I certainly didn’t mean to be condescending. I’m genuinely concerned and would like to know more, but I don’t have a lot to go off of from your initial comment. You made a lot of specific claims that really need evidence to back them up – not because I’m a jerk or anything but because I’m a scientist and I need more info to come to any sort of conclusions. Without hard data it’s all speculation, you know?
    While I don’t have symptoms like yours, I do have a few health problems that seem to have no cause or solution despite many trips to lots of different doctors, so I can sympathize at least to some degree. It’s really very frustrating that despite a ton of money and time and with all the might of modern medicine, they still have no idea.

  36. Anastasia and anyone else that read it, please forgive me for being so short with you, I have been dealing with people telling me I am doing it to myself including my family for years. Here is some of the sites and better put together information, the first two paragraphs are from someones page but it help start my searching.
    In March and April 2007, Jeff Rense published and broadcast some capable research based on scientific techniques including electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy. The Team Leader of the research unit was Dr. Hildegarde Staninger of Integrative Health International at Lakewood, California (USA).
    The preliminary findings were alarming. Morgellons Disease appears to be a communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissue in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotubes, nanowires, and nanoarrays with sensors. Other nanoconfigurations associated with Morgellons Disease carry genetically-altered and spliced DNA or RNA. The nanomachines which precipitate Morgellons Disease use the human host’s bio-electric energy as one of their power sources. There is evidence that certain of the tiny machines possess their own internal batteries as well. The Morgellons Disease nanomachines are configured to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and radio data.
    You can look up “The Staninger Report” and “Living with a Nightmare”, on Jan Smiths home page this is where the chromosome thing came from. Also on the site “The View Zone” there is a page called ‘Morgellons Disease, A Crime of Silence” please read the whole thing including the continue part and tell me what you think, I do not beleive everything I read, but when more than one scientist say about the same thing it sticks. I feel like this is sort of like 9-11 everyone had bits of information but nobody put it all together untill it was too late. And I also believe there are differant strains of this according to how someone was infected like chemtrails, dirt, chemical clean-ups, food and so on. I went on to search out Chromobacterium Violaceum and came across these- “The Springer Link” website under World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Volume 14, Number 5, 685-688, DOI: 1.1023/A:1008809504504, I thought it might hold clues on how to get rid of it. Then I went to the AEM site to the Journal List>Appl Environ Microbiol>v.70(3): 1593-1599 doi: 10.1128/AEM.70.3.1593-1599.2004. After that I found and article on the ‘Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials’ and found a case report on “Fatal Chromobacterium violaceum septicaemia in northern Laos, a modified oxidase test and post-mortem forensic family G6PD analysis. There was also an article on a 3 year old male Chinese Red panda thats carcass was submitted to the veterinary diagnostic laboratory at North Dakota State University in November of 1998. He had died a week prior at a Florida zoo. I am sorry I saved the article but not the site, though it was a report written by a student participating in a microbiology course at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. But these cases seem to be relavent to the situation.
    Even though there were other things found this one seem to stand out to me. Also on the Science Daily site there is a great article on bio-films called Bacteria Fight Back: Biofilms Use Chemical Weapons To Neutralize Or Kill Attacking Amoebae.
    I thought this was interesting if you think of our immune system as the amoebae.
    Again I am sorry for being short with you and I hope you can help me make more sense of all this. And I wonder why that when AIDS came out it seems the medicine for it wasn’t that far behind. But with this there is nothing. Well I think the gov. knew about and or created AIDS way before it was public information and already had the meds for it, I guess they can’t fix this leak so they are triing to push it under the rug instead up taking a stand and asking world scientist to come together and solve this, or have they already and there is nothing on earth to do about it. And I am curious to why most morgellons victims also had Lyme diesese. I am pretty sure that I have had it for about 11 years according to how long this star has been on the top of my foot. I am scared to go to the dr. because so many woman have had there children takin away for being crazy and I can’t take that chance, I always sound crazy(ha ha), but if you knew me you would understand. If you got this far thank you for you time and understanding.

  37. Well i have had this what ever it is for a long time, I’m perfectly sane, although I wish it was just a delusion. Actually i took myself to mayo clinic, saw the derm Dr, and asked for a mental eval. figuring I had to be crazy. This just was not possible… well bad news I’m not crazy. More bad news: mayo did not know how to treat it. They gave me the bug cream, took blood work. later called me back with a late blood test, saying I’m over producing special proteins. No cause has yet to be found.
    This all started from sleeping on a bed we had taken from the attic. Here’s more bad news I’ve given it to a few people. People around me itch, funny thing they don’t know I have it, so would that be like unaware delusions? I’ve lost a job, was told something is going on, everyone says you make them itch. I’m shedding this crap. btw I’m nursing staff. My joints ache. I do not have those sores all over. I get tiny ones, I wake up with a funny little bite. Honestly most of the time it is right under the skin, not the other way around. So this is from a person who would gladly take delusional over this.
    Here’s a another funny thing: I cant be around animals who might have fleas. I’ll go shower they will be on me. Took a hot bath a few times had some fleas in my water. Heres another funny thing: i didn’t own a dog. I believe there is a medical reason. Like some people have something going on internally that is allowing this to happen. Acid levels… something. But honestly, I wish it was just being delusional. I could swallow that better.
    Editor’s Note: comment edited for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraph breaks.

  38. sunny, you might want to also check into rat mites, you say you got a mattress from the attic, well people buy domesticated rats and sometimes they come from tropical areas that carry these and they can pass them to all wild mice and rats in a home, not that i am doubting you, it was just a thought.

  39. I appreciate the empathy of all of you posting. A couple things to point out..
    – this is the age of nanotechnology (carbon nanotubes)
    – we have genetically altered/lab-made oil eating bacteria (gulf oil spill)
    – We have GM crops sprayed with chemicals that we eat.
    – A lab worker sent anthrax in mail (why not another experiment?)
    Now those are fact. With those facts, why is it so difficult to believe that it is possibly something that escaped a lab, maybe man-made, that jumped the kingdom?
    – The fibers are the answer to your junk DP Dx. Why has nobody been able to confirm that these fibers are textile?
    How hard can it be? What’s the great mystery if there are thousands of patient samples of the fibers, yet not a single conclusive analysis?
    Simply put, they are not textile.
    I have been in a house where someone claims they have Morgellons and after seeing with my own two eyes these fibers, it makes no logical sense. Occams Razor points to possible military experiment gone wrong or bio-terrorism, NOT DP.
    I’ve always thought myself a skeptic, but after seeing what I saw at this woman’s house.. I have absolutely no doubt that this is very real and quite frightening.

  40. Entomologist wanted!
    Any chance Sarah of Biofortified getting involved with us? Maybe we could email micrographs, discuss etc.
    All good wishes
    Jo Simmons (Morgellons UK)

  41. Jo, Sarah is not an entomologist. However, some of our other authors and readers are entomologists or have entomology experience. You are welcome to post some links to images in the Biofortified Forum, and hopefully we can crowdsource an identification of the insects. There are a variety of free-webhosting services that you can upload photos to. One of the most popular is Flickr.

  42. Hi JoSimmons,
    Anastasia is right; I’m not an entomologist. However, if you can get a snapshot, identification can be made pretty accurately at the websites she suggested. 🙂

  43. I have experienced exactley the same conclusions. I have been dealing with this nightmare for almost a year now. I am so glad to have found this link, truley by Faith). I have been going absolutly crazy trying to varify repeatedly many similiar truths as you have just described. Trying to convince myself that I have not lost my mind and that I am not (Crazy). I too concluded that it is some sort of a knat a (fungus Knat)that hides in fibors and textiles that it detroys and takes over and becomes it’s habitat and becomes a live organizm. Look up Mesotheleoma too sometime. I have my theory, farfetched as it may be, seems to becoming more and more of a possible Valid theroy. It would explain the CDC delay on the Obahma Investigation, my belief of a scientific research that has gotten out of control. The fibors, Genetics, Haarp, Morgellons from the 1940’s, the war in the 40’s and the whole picture is starting to make sense. Scary!!!! Bottom line is it could become a national epidemic. I just wish we could get some concrete answers, cures, something. I just want these things out of my shit….I have tryed every remedy known to man and every remedy out there trying to concor this thing (knat)I guess we are calling it. I just cant believe what I am actually experiencing because there is know one else out there either with a real understanding nor explanation.
    But I am with you Dear and have experienced some of the same conclusions you have.
    If you would like to hear more of my crazy theory, I would be happy to share my far fetched philosophies with you. Nothing but speculation and instinct. We have nothing else to go on, do we??? I have not shared much of any of this with really anyone. What little I do share I find that it is too much for any one to even imagine. I have been truelly ridiculled, betrayed, belittled, denied, left helpless, to use only my own resources, experiences, researches and falocifies and experiments. This has been my private nightmare and I wish we had some valid answers and remidies, conclusions. Something substantial. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  44. Ola,
    Le morgellon….une maladie due aux extraterrestres ? why not ?
    Nous vivons au Portugal et voila 7 ans que mon épouse a été contaminée.
    Bien sûr que notre vie est devenue un enfer car cette “maladie” semble vraiment avoir été crée pour faire souffrir.
    D’où vient elle ? Arme, erreur d’un labo, acte criminel, ogm, chemtrails ou extraterrestres ?
    Ici dans la région nous avons eu plusieurs manifestations d’ovnis. J’ai moi même été confronté a des signes bien étranges dans le ciel. De plus, des synchronicités et des faits hasardeux se sont produits en grands nombres dans notre vie. Le hasard ??? moi je n’y crois plus car il ne peut plus me donner d’explications satisfaisantes. Le hasard a perdu sa légitimité. Que reste t’il ? la foi en un Dieu lointain ou invisible et innommable ?
    Ben oui…mais c’est tout aussi incompréhensible et insaisissable.
    Mais coté francophone le morgellon c’est quoi ? et bien tout d’abord c’est une grande “censure” coté “médias” comme coté “gouvernements” .La loi du silence domine.
    Coté médical …on nie. Envers et contre tout , la médecine nie et se réfugie dans la psychologie comme seule explication.
    C’est vrai aussi qu’au niveau résultats la médecine traditionnelle c’est montrée quasi totalement impuissante à soulager ces patient. Dés lors…
    Salutations cordiales et mes meilleures pensées à ceux qui vivent avec cette “diabolique” maladie .
    Au jour de la vérité ils seront enfin honorés et reconnus dans leurs malheurs comme dans leurs héroïsmes.
    Translated by editor using Google Translate:
    The Morgellon …. A disease caused by aliens? why not?
    We live in Portugal and here 7 years that my wife has been contaminated.
    Of course our life has become a hell for this “disease” really seems to have been created to suffer.
    Where is it? Weapon, a lab error, crime, ogm, chemtrails or aliens?
    Here in the region we have had several UFO events. I myself was encountering some strange signs in the sky. In addition, synchronicities and hazardous material have occurred in large numbers in our lives. Chance?? I no longer believe because he can not give me a satisfactory explanation. Chance has lost its legitimacy. What left? faith in God distant or invisible and unspeakable?
    Yeah … but it is equally incomprehensible and elusive.
    But the French side Morgellon what is it? well firstly it’s a big “censorship” side “media” as listed “governments.” The law of silence prevails.
    Medical side … it denies. Against all odds, medicine and deny refuge in psychology as the only explanation.
    It is also true that traditional medicine level results is shown almost completely powerless to help these patients. From then …
    My cordial greetings and best wishes to those who live with this “evil” disease.
    On the day the truth will be finally recognized and honored in their misery as their heroism.

  45. So I’m pretty sure I have Morgellons. Self-Diagnosed of course, and I was diagnosed with DP. I’ve been terribly sick with terrible joint pain, armmpit pain, short of breath, irregular high heartbeat. Now I feel like I’ve become super uncoordinated, with intense vertigo. I’m having the worst attack yet! What I want to know is does it flare up and down? It seems I nver see a doctor during a flare-up. But I’m scared to see any kind of MD at this point. I’ve gone the doctor to doctor route and all that does it put you in debt. I didn’t even pay much attention to my skin, my other symptoms were so devastating. Now of course, my skin is in terrible shape. I get stuff out of my ears, so I think that’s why I’ve been having vertigo. Anyone else with vertigo?
    I’m in the Boston area. From what I’ve read, a great many people suffering with this are from warmer climates. You would think with the medical advantages to living in the Boston area, you could feel safe seeking medical attention. But I will not put myself through the embarrassment, it’s just not worth it.
    Feels really good to get it off my chest & talk to somebody. At this point maybe my husband believes me but he’s still really skeptical & wants me to pursue the psychiatric avenue first, then go from there. I’m tempted, just to have it documented. I don’t care if it’s bugs, fibers, or fungus! I just want it gone! Has anyone found any good home remedies that are affordable?

  46. I am so sorry you also have this, I have been doing intense research and when I get a thread of proof of something or a link of some kind I keep researching it until it stays linked or I decide I am on the wrong tract. And since my last posting I have never stopped researching and digging in medical journals and papers. Something I have come to believe is linked is “T Gondi” its a brain parasite that you can get from cats or undercooked meat. They are just now figuring this stuff out. A special test must be done to detect it and unless asked I am sure most docters would never run this test. I did not just read one or two medical articles on this but dozens. It fits in alot of ways. Myiasis is also another part in this. It has been known for years that bot flies leave eggs in your skin to grow into larvea then fall of the body and form to full size. Very few species have been identified so far that can do this. But they find new ones ever year. Well there are flies of all sizes, even very minute species. Can T Gondi be pasted to these flies which in return lay infected eggs on our skin or on our produce? Or can T Gondi mutate an already exsisting condition. My breakouts seem to happen every four years and last for a year. I can always tell when its about to happen because about a month before the spots start my head starts feeling foggy and everyday thinking becomes a challange. This time they have abrubtly gone away about the same time as they started last year. This is more like the cycle of an insect. And my husband didn’t believe me either until I bought a cheap ($30.) microscope and looked at my saved samples. There is no doubt this is a living something. I also get it in my ears and nose and yes vertigo happens. More research on T Gondi and morgellons should be done. And if it is something like this you think the government would let out something that so many are already infected with and cause a mass panic? There is not cure for T Gondi. Not yet anyway.

  47. I’m an entomology student who works mainly on wasps, but I’ve keyed out a few Brachyceran larvae. I’m not good at it by any means (read: do NOT send me anything), but I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it entails.
    ID’ing things through websites is generally impossible, especially for larval Diptera. To positively ID a fly to family, you need a microscope and a specimen because the features are often difficult to view or accurately capture in a photograph.
    If we’re talking about ID’ing a fly to SPECIES, I can tell you with confidence that this is impossible with a good chunk of the Diptera. Many fly specialists rear their flies out so they can ID them as adults.
    Thankfully, entomology departments are one of the few sciences which have an extension specialist on hand. Google the nearest university and ask them if they’d ID a few samples for you.

  48. Hi Dwallace,
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling sick, and about your joint pain, shortness of breath and feelings of heart irregularities. It’s also concerning that you worry of being embarrassed. If you have been to many doctors but have not yet gone when you are having symptoms, perhaps there is a public clinic or clinic that works on a sliding-fee scale, so that you can get appropriate assistance?
    I want to also encourage you to be very careful of “home remedies,” which can still be costly, and sometimes dangerous. Some “home remedies” are mis-labelled, do not provide thorough documentation of ingredients, or do not have any accountability to the FDA or other government offices.
    Take care.

  49. as someone with sensitive skin and any number of various skin conditions over the years, i feel for these morgellons sufferers… but self diagnosis by internet isnt the best route. i’d recommend that people with skin problems save the money somehow to see a dermatologist…. general practitioners and er doctors are not specialized enough to know all the myriad skin disorders that exist. best not to mention the morgellons either or they Will be thinking its delusional. let them figure out what it is or isnt.. thats their job.
    many of the pics ive seen of morgellons on the web look exactly like lesions i have had. but so do pictures of many other conditions. it took a lot of frustration and time to figure out what was going on with me… and it wasnt very exotic. flea allergy dermstitis! just One flea bite on an ankle can spread a rash that opens into sores on my legs, arms, and back. tried tested and true. turns out im tasty.
    the stress and discomfort is more than enough to be a bit depressed sometimes, whihh can cause fatigue. enough stress can cause terrible problems.
    always try to rule out the known causes before jumping to a conclusion… it doesnt make it any less serious.
    and if there Really are bugs comin out of your skin.. video it or even better…. get credible witnesses! like…. a dermatologist!
    hope people figure it out and feel better.

  50. I can’t help if anyone believes me or not and I don’t care.5 years ago a place on my back started itching. Only one small spot that itched me for over two months. The itching not crawling drove me crazy and I couldn’t reach it that good. The itching drove me to break out my 3″ blade knife and scratch it good and then stuck my point in it and pull up on skin. The skin should have torn from a Sharp knife but it made a popping sound. Not normal skin. It got worse and places came on my arms with fibers and then my health went down and know a 44year old woman is suffering. I didn’t know nothing bout morgellon until few weeks ago. Not in my head like the non belivers out there. I don’t wish bad on anyone but do hope all people who think myself and others don’t really suffer and want help then I pray that they all get an intense dose of it. Some people don’t believe in GOD either but they will surely see one day.

  51. Hello,
    Whatever these fibers are my opinion is that they are derived from telecommunications and electronic insulation. These fibers penetrated our home in massive amounts, filling up our heating ducts and soffit vents, clothes and furniture, then it penetrated our bodies. I have microscopically compared the fibers within the home to the fibers within my body and they are the same. I have come to terms with this disease and just hope that Morgellons sufferers are validated in my life time.

  52. Who is eating GMO anymore? I personally think there is something more than just agrobacterium involved. (Agrobacterium attaches to human cells and genetically alters them by using T-DNA (transfer DNA) Tumor inducing plasmid (Ti). Besides that information… It is almost like individuals that have this condition are possessed with something… Something seems to be moving it around within their bodies. It is very strange, and aggravating to hear all the nonsense about this disease… What are we turning into cancerous plants now? Will we use photosynthesis, and plant ourselves into the ground with rhizomes? Nonsense… I tell you! We must stop the DNA transfer!

  53. dear Everyone, I am so not into theories or blaming, and am leaving this up to researchers. I have had this syndrome for 8 years and, as a retired registered nurse, I am horrified that M.D’s are denying the existence of such an obvious health problem. M.D.s who, without benefit of research data, say this health problem is delusional, are in fact delusional themselves. Or (very dangerous in a doctor) have a “god complex”. Here in California, there are many doctors with this complex and they are very dangerous to depend on. They are usually so far out of medical school,they should be on a golf course at the country club… permanently. After MD after MD told me they simply didn’t know what it was, I took myself off to a psychotherapist and stayed for 6 years. I had hoped this condition was a delusion and we could root it out, so that i could be healthy again. Oh DREAM ON! Where as we found all kinds of issues to deal with which was very helpful to me, none of them were delusional paracytosis. (In fact I have never seen anything move!) I don’t accept it comes from outer space or that our government gave it to us. I do strongly believe that these kind of associations are counter productive and do make us appear mentally deranged. Lets stick to the facts. By the way, the CDC, or was it NIH) has a lot of money available for research. No one has asked for it. How do i know this? I called up and asked.

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  55. I am encouraged that more People are saying, “Give me a cure. Where it comes from is so beside the point.” Of course this is because very few organizations with litigate research facilities are not touching morgellons with a barge pole. Shame on them. Anyhow, now the army has taken over, I feel much more hopeful. Wallace asked for home remedies. I tub bath soaked in “magnetic clay” used for removing heavy metals and over about 3 months the itching stopped. It returns occasionally in a small area. At night I apply apricot oil all over and massage it in. this makes the skin soft and allows the debris to come out. I apply triple antibiotic and a band-aide to lesions that are sore red and actively producing that debris. I attend to my general health and immunity, removed all carpeting, brick-a-brak and fabric sofas and chairs. I spray all bacteria hot spots once a week with 1:10 clorox bleach.I steam clean as much as possible and use 50% vinegar and water solution on other surfaces, got an air purifier etc etc. The only thing swallowed is grapefruit extract olive leaf extract, oregano and multivite stuff. Hope this helps someone.

  56. Ola,
    Pour moi cette maladie est bien réelle. Mon épouse en souffre depuis 7 ans. J’ai vu d’innombrables fois des “choses” et des insectes/parties d’insectes sortir de sa peau.
    Elle vient de sortir de psychiatrie(Belgique) Les médecins ne nous ont pas crus. Pour eux c’est de la parasitophobie. Donc en Belgique comme ailleurs c’est pareil. L’incrédulité est très grande.
    Ma vie est devenue un enfer et si je n’ai rien qui sort de ma peau. J’ai très souvent également des démangeaisons et des insectes sur le corps. Cela ne me prouve rien. Mon malheur vient surtout de l’état mental de mon épouse. Elle a changée de personnalité. Avec moi elle est devenue “méchante” ou indifférente. J’ai parfois l’impression que son esprit est “possédé” par quelque chose qui n’est pas elle. Il y a 4 mois , elle a mis ( par inadvertance ?) le feu à notre maison.
    Aujourd’hui je suis un homme ruiné, j’ai perdu son amour, j’ai perdu travail, amis et argent.
    Le plus dur c’est cette incrédulité de ceux que nous rencontrons. Bien sûr elle est compréhensible car le morgellon est vraiment une maladie très étrange. C’est une maladie “intelligente” et elle sait se cacher, se dissimuler…
    Perso j’aurais tendance à croire qu’elle vient des extraterrestres.
    Et pourquoi pas ? l’existence des extraterrestres ne peur encore être prouvée sauf expérience personnelle. Cependant au nom de quoi pourrions nous en réfuter la possibilité ? Comme pour le morgellon , au nom de quoi pourrions nous dire “impossible” ? De la science ?
    Allons, la science d’aujourd’hui permet justement de réaliser des choses aussi incroyables. Ce qui était impossible hier est devenu possible aujourd’hui.
    Courage à vous tous qui en souffrez. Un jour la vérité éclatera.

  57. well Weemaels this disease is very real for all of us (who are suffering with it,) and we all have our different theories. If believing in peeps (des gens) from outer space gives you relief, then that is what you must believe. I am sorry you lost work, friends and funds. We understand. To be honest with you, I feel people who have managed to get to Earth are very advanced and have given up such a destroying emotion as hate. I doubt you have lost your wife’s love. Morgellons is very exhausting and yes certainly is a maladie tres estrange. Courage to you and your wife too. We look forward to recognition and a cure. Keep in touch. A bientot

  58. Ola,
    Merci à vous.
    La vie…je suis complètement dépassé par cette “maladie” et tous ces évènements qui l’entourent ou qu’elle provoque.
    Je ne suis pas seul,nous ne sommes pas seuls, Je le sais, même si parfois j’en doute.

  59. I have Morgellons. Typical Morgellons. Yes there are fibers. Where do they come from, I don’t know. I don’t think its terribly important. Having had no luck from the medical community, I too turned to blogs to diagnose myself & find remedies. I am currently working with Dr. Sloan of the Genesis Center in Georgia & his functional medicine testing has shown that all his patients who claim to have Morgellons in fact have chronic candida. I have been on Nystatin for almost 2 months and amazing things are happening. If you research candidasis it correlates to many of the symptoms people are experiencing. Dr. Sloan takes a slow approach by healing and eliminating the candida in your gut. The next phase of treatment will involve a systemic anti-fungal. None of this is an easy cure. Candida die-off or the Herxheimer effect is as bad as the disease itself, creating the very symptoms you are trying to cure by releasing toxins in the die off process.
    I encourage all Morgellons patients to have functional testing of stool, & urine. I haven’t done heavy metal testing yet, but am pretty sure that I will be positive. Heavy metal poisoning also produces symptoms of joint pain, skin problems, brain fog etc.
    Yes, this is a very curious disease. There are many unexplained components & I try to follow all the developments. But I finally took matters into my own hands to feel better and it is working! Slowly though. I do know that all the brown spots all over my body which I was told were age spots, are either going away or erupt into a lesion and then go away. I am literally shedding. There are bad days and now a few good days. Before they were always bad.
    Please get tested for yeast and good luck!

  60. Denise, I’m glad you are feeling some relief from what sounds like a terrible health condition. However, if the Dr. Sloan you mention is the Mr. Sloan in the below article, I urge caution.
    ‘Doctor’ treating T.O., others is under investigation: Has this man dispensed medical treatment to Terrell Owens and other top athletes while practicing without a license? Mike Fish investigates.

  61. I don’t know. Those articles are from 2007 and no action has been taken against him. All I know is that he’s helping me. His approach to tissue regeneration and recovery is all natural. The only prescription drug that he is dispensing to me is the Nystatin and that is written by the clinical direction who is an MD. Everything he tested me for was positive, tests that “regular” doctors would never think of doing. And yet when you research candidasis the methods for diagnosis are the tests he is ordering.
    His approach to Morgellons isn’t what is being researched by the CDC and others studying this disease. Because everyone’s symptoms are different, it’s more like Morgellons is an effect rather than a cause; that is not necessarily a single entity causing the disturbance. He just wants to make people feel better & is discovering that most “Morgies” have fungal infections. There is no doubt in my mind that I have a fungal infection since it is clearing up slowly on the Nystatin. I know that the agrobacterium is an important component to this disease & it’s incredibly important to identify all the factors in this disease so that a cure/protocol can be developed.
    It seems he is treating the tissue that has been affected by Morgellons. It is interesting to me that so many people tested positively for yeast. I know that you shouldn’t take anti-biotics when you have a yeast infection & the people at MRF are seeing some remission with heavy anti-biotic therapy.
    If he can make me feel better until the CDC finally reports: great!

  62. After researching the things I experienced during the onset of my symptoms and my surrounding environment, I have come to a conclusion that I accept and believe in. I believe one of the reasons It has been so difficult to define is because there are so many variables involved with exposure. I am convinced Morgellons consists of at least one common factor with multiple routes of exposure. Example, inhalation, ingesting and touching. When Morgellons permeates It’s surroundings it affects each thing it passes through differently. What It wants into, It gets into, what It wants out of, It gets out of. If you are unfortunate enough to be in It’s path then it brings with it parts of the surrounding environment, toxins, voc, insects, mold etc. etc. What ever happens to be in your surrounds during exposure. The type of material it touches determines how Morgellons leaves It’s mark. Example, it affects wood one way, different metals another, humans and animals yet another way. The materials that Morgellons is made up of consist of some very sharp objects and chemicals that always shreds or takes a layer off of everything It goes through. Whether it be a nanoscopic layer or something more noticable it brings parts of the environment with It and lets go of some of the debris as it continues and chemicals It touches die out while some interact with each other for a time. Then It picks other debris and chemicals up as It continues It’s path… I call it energy with synergy. (ItSynergy)

  63. I apologize for the choppy explanation, but it’s the first time I have tried to explain my theory in writing since my exposure in 2007.

  64. PS. I get severe itchiness in my lower legs, and when I scratch them, I get lesion like the photo in the post. I am properly diagnosed as having a food sensitivity to salicylic acid, a natural food chemical. It causes release of histamine from mast cells, causing skin itch or “urticaria”. It is manageable by avoiding foods rich in the natural food chemical and regular intake of anti-histamines. So that condition, common in males over 45, is another Morgellons candidate.

  65. salicylic acid is Asprin, and is offered in a number of ointments used against acne and morgellons. Unfortunately I didn;t find it useful, though it may work for lots of others. The itching has, I think, possibly something to do with the detritus of this fungus (or whatever it is!) meets with heavy metals in our tissues. Accordingly i used L.L. clay soaks for the removal of heavy metals every other night for several months and then only when i had an itching attack. The continuous severe itching went away and i get it rarely now. The horrible lesions have mainly gone too but the black stuff, grey and white fibers and hard white or green balls are still here along with all the systemic problems,with which we are all so familiar. (Could these be caused by fungal toxins) ?. The hotter weather does not help. A fish based diet with leafy greens and only stevia (eg. No calorie oeach tea) for the sweet tooth has helped a bit. Well here we are plodding on. Let’s hope the team of medical researchers for the armed forces comes up with something for us. I’m tired. Love to all

  66. This web site is really a walk-through for all of the info you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask Glimpse here, and you’ll definitely discover it

  67. Well people this is real very real scary real, i only hope somebody steps up to the plate and puts and end to this horrible tragic (thing) that has been unleashed on mankind. For the people who laugh or are unwilling to listen to our reality you will find out that you also will join the rest of us in this nightmare, so wake up while you still can and rid this thing that knows no borders,names,gender,religion only that it must have you and will, so call us crazy wackos whatever you like, sooner or later your gonna be under it’s relentless grip on your entire being. So open your eyes now find a cure while your still able…..morgellons is at your front door lock it you can but with it’s master key you don’t stand a chance………….

  68. I have to say who are these people who write in telling us that we don’t have this problem,when they wouldn’t know it if it hit them over the head with a bucket. How delusional can you get to pontificate about something you don’t know anything about and haven’t seen or experienced. Do these people still think the earth is FLAT? They are DELUSIoNAL I did my rounds of shrinks hoping one would say this health issue was delusional so we could work it out. ( Of course I picked therapists who were somewhat sane themselves.) None of them could come up with a psychiatric cause. Psychiatric problems do not scare me and I am not prejudiced against people who have them. The people who are writing us off as mentally disordered are scared and i think they probably want to hurt. This used to happen to lepers, diabetics, epileptics and anyone “different”. Grow up naysayers and help find the cause, not add to the problem.

  69. Something else. Ulcers, heart disease, obesity et al are often stress related. Are these clients delusional too? You can see all of these with testing. You can see morgellons without testing. Do we have a world communication network to pass on signs and symptoms and keep them all straight? The nay sayers don’t have the sense given to them at birth. I think its time we start clamoring for a cure. Isn’t it a civil right to get appropriate treatment for health issues in this part of the world, or have we become a third world country?

  70. I don’t know what to do anymore; I’m 29 years old and my (clearly) self diagnosed morgellons has just really showed it’s ugly face. I can’t sleep anymore. I have the fibers, yeast, gnats out of nowhere etc. I’ve infected several people unknowingly, but thanks to sites like this I’m aware now and more careful. I’ve been thinking back as far as I can and I’m starting to think I may have gotten this when I was incarcerated (marysville/ohio) 10 years ago. I say that because I vividly remember a whole bunch of little fibers floating around in my cell, gnats biting me ,and my hair itching like crazy. No previous memories of symptoms b4 this, which leads me to believe that yeah it is some type of GOV. experiment gone horribly wrong. I’m not narrow minded a bit very intelligent and know that it could also be that these little fu*kers just evolved and have found a safer cleaner enviroment other than whatever they were doing before. I happen to think it was the GOV; call me crazy.

  71. Speaking of crazy I started drinking heavy (an now that I’m not) I think that I was unaware of my affliction an having trouble sleeping so I hit the bottle just to pass out and actually get some rest. Which I rarely do now that I know bugs reside in and on me. I lost my job boyfriend house. When my lover threatened to leave over the drinking I stopped and that’s when they let me have it. I stayed awoke for 4 days straight I thought because I was heartbroken (silly me) an had sort of a mental break Hearing things ( I still do this high pitched sqeaking like a mouse) ((I think they make noises not sure but I know they love the ear so)) ended up in a mental hospital where I was diagnosed as bipolar an scitzoaffective. Started taking meds for this which helped me sleep not much more as of late I stopped taking them because I read a report that said when tested in monkeys it made their brain shrink (seroquel).

  72. Now I live in a group home for people with mental health issues (sanest one here) and since I stopped taking my meds no sleep and I started itching more I guess cause they’re in season. I chalked it up as scabies and have been cleaning like crazy treated my hair body to no avail and kept researching mites started out as gnats biting me google search cause I seen them, then bed bugs, then on to scabies cause we got mattress covers no bed bugs after exterminator came out.
    So now after treatment didn’t work I took to reading more on the whole seven year itch I saw someones post about morgellons. Light bulb popped on and I started thinkin about my jail experience how itchy it was (knowing I’ve heard of inmate guinea pigs) and I feel even more depressed because I don’t have the money to buy sulphur soap borax all these wonderful things that have brought you all peace. I don’t know what to do. Wish it wasn’t so embarrassing or classified medically where there was hope. Did anyone else have the stomach rumbling/talking like you were hungry during off season months I guess? Really very rhetorical of course you did along with the bad breath yeast causes. starting to think I gave it to my mom cause she has horrible breath an I thought I heard her stomach so yeah duh. This is crazy not us.
    Why my face, ears, and hair though. I probably could have dealt with tingly feet but this really has me feeling like the only way to deal is to jump off the next bridge I see.

  73. Hi V.Suicidal, I am very worried and concerned about you. You describe yourself as “very suicidal,” and have stated that you feel like you would jump off of a bridge. More, you are not sleeping, you sound very, very stressed out, uncomfortable to say the least, and feel like your resources are expended. This sounds very serious, and as one person to another, I am very concerned about your safety, as well as for your physical health and suffering. Have you thought about going to a hospital, or back to your physician, to at least address the physical issues or the stress your experience is incurring on your quality of life? Are those things open to you? If you are able, please respond, just to at least say if you’re still with us.

  74. I’m still here thanks for the concern. It’s greatly appreciated. My morgellon/ morganell whatever it is flaredup on me really bad. It’s in my hair I see my hair follicles moving if I pluck one. Especially if I put anything with sulfur on it. When I do that I actually feel and see it throbing gross. The no sleep thing has kind of helped because I’ve been searching day and night for some kind of cheap way to fight it. Oh yeah this crap gets into your clothes phone carpet it’s everywhere. I came across a remedy I have yet to try it’s sun washing powder with bleach and alfalfa in bath water. I’m going to try it and let you all know if it worked. One more thing I haven’t heard but one person say that they hear this lil squeaking noise in their ear like I do. It comes mostly when I lay down, an I think it’s this god awful affliction call to arms. I start feeling this thumping thing in my mattress(covered now) phone carpet this thing is a superbug for real. I won’t go jumping of any bridges. I’m going to try the sun alfalfa an maybe tea tree oil make a spray for my things and hope it works. I went out an got bactrim I think it’s helping but definitely won’t kill it by itself. Probably have to eventually throw out my phone it’s in there, and charger.
    thanks from previously suicidal 🙁

  75. TEE, glad you are managing better. If the squeaking you mention is continuous, it is called –tinnitus, and you can google it. I had it long before morg. i think its just another symptom. When i get it on my scalp my hair progressively falls out and you can see pink scalp if i don’t brush it right!! Pathetic.I absolutely agree with finding inexpensive stuff to help with symptoms. The bath formula is one handful sun detergent with bleach, one handful each of kosher salt, epsom salts, baking soda and borax. (You can also stop buying expensive cleaning materials, because all these liquids and powder make up fantastic cleaning solutions). when i do this (3 times a week) a lot of black particles are drawn out, and you find them on the bottom of the bath, or floating. remember to have a warm shower after the bath when more of the black stuff surfaces. There is something else at!! for about $10 you can buy a ten pound jar of Ickthamol 20% drawing ointment. This is an old old remedy to draw out stones from hoofs, and splinters/stingers etc from humans. It also draws out the black stuff that is so uncomfortable when under the skin of morgellons patients. It has made me a lot more comfortable and give the lesions some chance to heal. The jar lasts for ever. All of this less expensive stuff has worked better for me than eg papaya slush and a host of pricy junk. also if u get an isolated “sting”feeling massage (with a light touch) a bit of ickthmol and black junk will come out and a lesion may not develop, then apply a bit of triple anti biotic (over the counter) ointment. I keep away from oral antibiotics. As you know there is yet no cure, but you u can get more comfortable. Good luck

  76. Jonathan, there are no M.D’s to diagnose morgellons, because as far as they are concerned it does not exist. A few naturopaths will admit it does exist, but they are not M.d.s and cannot prescribe or get insurance to pay for treatment.

  77. I have spent hours researching this tonight probably 5 hours here are the cures I found:
    drink this daily to get them out eat garlic, ginger and alkaline water
    Buy any grapefruit cream mix gse, tea tree oil rub into skin, scalp as often as needed.
    1 huge gallon or just the biggest one they have has to be 100 percent grape juice have to pour over body and pour over head put your hair in water and scrub you will feel little tingles or pin pricks on legs thats them coming out
    try tea tree oil on your head also this woman had a bath in this and tons of stuff came out yuck: oxyclean and alfalfa tabs
    nutra siliver
    Taking a foot bath with bentonite clay can take these toxins out of the system
    info found but it seems that if people are letting it go down the drain we have an epidemic…
    Morgellons is that it is linked to Agrobacterium, a type of bacteria that has an ability to transfer DNA between itself and plants, and for this reason it is used in plant genetic engineering, including pasture grasses,. However, researchers from Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, State University of New York have found that “agrobacterium can transport its T-DNA to human cells and integrate it into their genome.”

  78. Ola,
    la difficulté avec les traitements c’est qu’ils sont dans une large mesure très personnels.
    Ce qui fonctionne avec l’un ne fonctionne pas avec un autre. Cependant certains remèdes portent des résultats dans quasiment tous les cas, sans toutefois guérir. Ainsi l’argent colloidal, les huiles (neem, curcumma, olives et autres) etc, etc…
    Je ne crois pas que l’on peut guérir définitivement du morgellon , mais certainement annihiler la plupart des symptômes. Prenez bien soin de vous et veiler à une alimentation très saine et équilibrée.
    Courage à tous
    Bien à vous

  79. As a young child, in the early 1960s, I had similar symptoms to those reported by Morgellons sufferers. My mother took me to a doctor who said I was allergic to my own fingernails. A few days later, my mother found me in the kitchen floor with a box of mouse poison that I had pulled out from under the kitchen stove. She said I was sitting there feeding it grain by grain to a mouse and alternately eating one myself. Although the symptoms may have been aggravated by an allegy, it is more likely that they were either a warfarin side effect or the result of something I caught from sharing food with a mouse. My mother liked to tell this story whenever she disagreed with a doctor’s diagnosis.

  80. Morgellon’s is REAL people. Any doctor who says it is delusional should turn in their license. Now please listen, I have used Ivermectin which is from the feed store, a cattle dewormer, parasite killer. I put .01 ml. per lb. and mix it into a nice glass You would never believe they are a parasite but they are too since they had such a reaction to this stuff. Don’t worry it will not hurt you and doesn’t taste bad at all. Then do it a week later again. You will kill off alot of this nano stuff.
    Also bentonite clay mask on your whole body, it pulled out piles of fibers, they hate it.
    Garlic capsules, break them and spread the goo all over your body, I had things like bug wings actully fly out of my skin.
    Also eat garlic by the ton, cook it up good and that is also repulsive to these parasites.
    Prid from Wal Mart on the wounds helps pull things out too.
    I also got liquid iodine from the pharmacy and painted my body with it and it broke the biofilm I had on my body and under there were bugs I didn’t even know I had. So cheap to do and highly effective.
    Thanks and God Bless you all….
    Editor’s note: this does not constitute medical advice. Please see a licensed medical practitioner before starting any treatment.

  81. OOOPS Please note the above comment, put Ivermectin in a glass of red organic wine and drink it, the wine makes the parasites come alive and the Ivermectin, or Ivomec makes them go nuts and they run, or are killed off. You will see a difference. This product is given to pets safely as well.(without the wine of course!!) Once a week for 2 or 3 weeks…
    You can redo in a few months if you so choose.
    Thanks all, hope this helps you!!!

  82. i also am struggling with morgies,.. had a few questions to ask. has anyone noticed your blood when you pick at these lesions… my blood seems thick or gooey and not normal… it doesn’t really run it just globulates and is thick and stretchy and darker than normal . ( best I can do to describe it) and the other thing I thought about was in all the years I have dealt with this 91′ . I have never gotten a secondary infection from messing with them. seems funny ..especially when you think about how many open wounds and pores i have dove into…and not a single infection. almost as if Morgies are killing off anything that might be infectious . also had thoughts about it being some form of a nematode. I notice my flare up is usually annually in sept – oct to start and goes till April.-may. then it stops it is reactive to stress I noticed. when I am stressed it is strong . it does not like me to exercises . but I do yoga daily and love it. I know nematodes are capable of the whole genetic sharing as well as being a symbiote. so it can live with a bacteria or a third …maybe fungus or slime mold…or Yeast( candida) so I think we need to fight all of the stuff. I believe it goes dormant at times when we attack it . and we think it works so we stop and then it becomes active again. I try to keep my body alkaline. seems to help. I do notice that if I mess with one …they all flare up and get mad. and sometimes I feel them throbbing under the skin as if boring into me deeper . some hurt so badly I have to stop and look at it to check it. I know it does not like sunlight or anaerobic activity, and is active at night or when I sleep in the dark. I keep my lights on when I sleep and seems they are not as active. ( anyone else notice that) .i do hear the ringing. and the debris everywhere ( I feel like pig pen at times) dust clouds all around me . I have noticed little winged things fly from me.. or around me .. and also noticed teeny tiny spider like bugs always around me or leaving me . ( might be crazy) I can also say that
    when the weather is rainy it seems stronger or more active. and especially when I see all the chemtrails in the air flares up . I do have photographs and samples of these Morgies . have taken to solving this myself and gave up on doctors to help. they seems useless. I can say . keep a strong faith and cheery attitude and don’t let this get us down. we are stronger than this. I do meditate and visualize them dying off and not taking over…… the mind is a powerful tool so keep the faith and Namasté my fellow Morginites,

  83. Hi Alice,
    You are correct with the medical doctor humilation from the medical field. I also went to 7 different Doctors. General Clinic all the way to Tropical Disease. A few did try to help with scabies medication, and even prescribed ivermectin ( did not work, after many rounds of it).
    I noticed my nightmare begin August 2010. A nightmare that noone helps with or even trys. It is now April 2012. I am almost all clear of lessions and granules, teeny tiny black specks, and all the other bizarre things.
    Yes, I treated myself for lyme disease. That knocked it down and took care of the inside infestation as well as my lessions dried up and are now down to 6 or 7 left, instead of my ENTIRE BODY FROM THE TIP OF My Toes to The Top of My Head…
    I am not entirely sure how I contracted it. Possibly from my cat. I had to put her down this last Nov. She was also sick and over 16 years old.
    I live in Laguna Beach California. Our house was always open to the outside. I started noticing the lint pods all over my house. And then it just seemed EVERYWHERE. Little specks or balls of LINT and they BITE.
    I moved to a different house. We sold ours as INFESTED STATUS. I did not know what else to do. I tried to treat with everything Raid to Fogging. Dry Ice. Whatever I could think of I would use it. My new smaller place is better. However I am still not totally clear with carpet and clothing. I’m close. FABREZE does knock it down. Today I’m off to get Moth Balls. I have heard they do work.
    I was wondering if you are well. 10 Years of this for me.. No Way!! I cannot imagine how you have hung in there.
    I look forward to hopefully hearing from you. Thanks for saying it like it is!!

  84. You are absolutely right. I found the fungus gnats on my wife who is a morg sufferer and also extracted them from the skin. Definitely a fungus gnat, they lay eggs on plant’s. I then extracted a green plant leaf straight out of her pore so I now understand it is agrobacterium infecting humans. There are documented cases tho extremely rare. The agrobacterium invades the human body and has the ability to change the dna of some human cells to become plant dna. That is why the fungus gnats are drawn to morg sufferers. This all sounds like science fiction but just google agrobacterium in humans and read the actual documents from reputable hospitals. They believe the infection comes from the hospital catheter. I am 100% positive this is cause of morgellons since Monsanti is behind agrobacterium mutation and also plant mutation to produce plastics. Oh and they also make the catheters.

  85. Show me the bacterial culture. Give me the DNA sequence. Tell me what kind of staining you can do on a microscope slide. Until then, Morgellons is still an internet-based disease that the medical community diagnoses as delusional parisitism.

  86. Regarding the photo at the top right of this website, I have those exact same photos of things that have come from me over the past several months since “something” has invaded by body. A skin biopsy from my scalp (top crown plus lower back side) says “infiltrates are present (suggests discoid lupus). But I know it is more than that. There are strange glowing clear, red, blue fiber like bundles, there are things that appear to have faces and resemble a fly or a spider (very tiny nearly microscopic and white). There are tiny wormlike things that can be brown, black, or dark blue or reddish brown–usually very very tiny and seen best under a microscope. sometimes on my pillowcase there will be things that resemble the photo above and are very shiny and glittery. There will be a sensation like a sting or bite that I feel and then immediately run a comb through and that is what I find. I have tried every product I can think of or what was referred by Morgellons people. Not sure if I really have lupus of the skin but morgellons (and reported “insects” also seems to fit.

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