Happy Earth Day!

Compost!Frank here, wishing everyone at Biofortified a Happy Earth Day! It’s been 40 years since this modern celebration of our planetary home began. As you think about what you can do for the Earth, why not try starting a compost bin in your backyard? Here are some online resources where you can learn more about composting and decide what style of composting is right for you!

If you are gung-ho you can go all out with a bin of worms in your house, or you can take the tried-and-true slow method and just pile it up in a bin in your back yard. And when the compost is ready you can complete the cycle and spread it around your veggie garden! You get free fertilizer for your plants, and the EPA says it helps the planet! It’s a win for everyone.
I like to use my husks to provide the carbon for my compost. Waste nothing!
LOLfrank Genetic Diversity
For Earth day I’m going to study some part of the natural world. I found a population of purple and white flowers. The purple color is dominant over the white color – which means that many of these purple flowers are heterozygotes. Ok, who wants to help me count all the flowers so I can calculate the allelic frequencies? Anyone?


  1. Meh how to compost.org is considered a malicious website by Monsanto. I call corporate shennanigans!
    Also – image analysis software is your friend! (and yer big head is in the way)

  2. Re Ewan: Oh no! It’s a corporate conspiracy to keep employees from learning about alternative agriculture!
    I changed the link to a composting guide at Vegweb – it’s a little better, and maybe there won’t be the same access issues.
    As for my head – hey – It’s not my fault I’m high-yielding, I’ve been bred that way.
    Re onegoodmove: Thanks for helping me count, but there are thousands of flowers outside the frame of the picture! O what to do…

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