Tomorrow’s Table radio interview in Madison

If you are familiar with my past science media projects, you may remember that I used to host a radio show / podcast in Davis, CA. I have been eager to get that going again in Madison, so last fall I went through the training at the local student station, WSUM 91.7 fm, and they accepted my show and gave me a time slot, Monday mornings from 8-9 am Central. The show is called The Inoculated Mind Radio and Mindcast, and long before I got the time slot I built a new site to handle hosting the podcast. It used to be hosted on my own blog, The Inoculated Mind, but the new site is called Inoculated Media. Confused yet? I know I am. 🙂
A year and a half ago I did some shows to try and revive the program as a standalone podcast, but I realized that I needed to rework the format. Shortly after Pam Ronald and Raoul Adamchak’s book Tomorrow’s Table came out, I recorded an interview with the both of them. But as my revival effort was short-lived I don’t think it got very much attention. So what better than to breathe new life into the interview and broadcast it as my first interview on WSUM? And Tomorrow’s Table just came out in paperback, too, so if you haven’t yet checked out this book (my review here), you can get it from Biofortified’s amazon associate store and help support our blog in the process!
Click here to go to the site and listen to Episode 79. The interview starts at about 24:00 into the show. It was pre-recorded because the air date, January 25, was the day Anastasia and I had dinner with Michael Pollan. On that note, my guest for this week’s show (Feb 1) was Anastasia Bodnar herself, and we talked some more about the Pollan dinner date and about his new book, Food Rules. I’ll be sure to put up a link when that episode is online later this week. And when I know in advance about future interviews about genetic engineering, I might put out a call for some ideas for questions. Vandana Shiva is coming to Madison in March…
Whenever I cover something significant about plant genetics, or conduct a relevant interview I’ll be sure to post a link here on Biofortified. I could make the show mp3’s pop up and play on this blog, however, we have some plans for new media projects for Biofortified, and having my radio show pop up and play on the blog might lead to confusion as to which is the ‘official’ Biofortified stuff and which is not. This is a separate project of my own. But as for the plans we have for this blog, we will tell you more about this later this week!