Changemakers contest deadline extended

It seems that now there is a lot more time for people to register and vote in the Changemakers “GMO Risk or Rescue” contest, or enter for that matter. Today the deadline for entering the contest has been extended by 40 days to October 21st, and voting will continue until the 28th of October. It seems that I might get some more competition entering the contest, but also more opportunity to convince people to vote for my entry. Sauce for the goose…
So as per my aforementioned plan to post every day to encourage readers to register and vote, I will instead post one per week until the 28th, and then I will do one per day to get out the vote.
As of today I’m 1/11th of the way to the lead with 3 votes. Huzzah!
It seems that the motivation for this change is probably the limited number of entries. Frank tells me he might still have time to win a free flight to Machu Picchu if only he could find a human to attach their name to the entry!


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