I had the good fortune today to participate in a sweet corn tasting for Kevin Montgomery of Montgomery Consulting. Within a few days, I’ll post more about what I learned at the tasting, but I just had to share the very best part immediately.
I’ve eaten a lot of tasty sweet corn, but rarely knew the name. Since moving to Iowa, I’ve had “Ambrosia” and “Peaches and Cream” within an hour of picking. They were good, but not spectacular. Today, I had a variety called “Vision” that was unbelievably delicious. It is sweet, but not too sweet. The corn flavor and aroma are just strong enough without being overbearing. The kernels have the perfect amount of bite, not too tough, not too soft. It’s delicious raw. It’s delicious boiled for a few minutes and served with butter and salt.

For anyone wondering what sweet corn seed to plant next year, you may want to consider this one. “Vision” is available from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Johnny’s, in case you were wondering, is not owned by Monsanto. Also, in case you were wondering, “Vision” is a hybrid, and that’s a good thing.
If this is the standard that Kevin has set for his sweet corn breeding program, I can’t wait to taste his results!