Great GM resource

If you are looking for reasoned discussions on topics related to genetic modification of organisms, I have a resource for you! In 2006, the Unversity of Califorinia put out the Agricultural Biotechnology in California Series. This peer-reviewed collection of essays considers topics from coexistence with organic farming to intellectual property protection. The essays are balanced, showing the real problems and benefits of genetic modification, and provide plenty of references for anyone who might want to look more in depth.



  1. Oh yeah, I forgot about these papers at the SBC – I used to work there. Kent Bradford’s pretty cool, and Carl Winter has a musical talent for food safety. I created a page on biofortified to collect and collate useful resource links such as these.

  2. That’s a great idea, Karl. I’ll try to add such links as I find them. Do you want to have a book review page as well? There are a lot of books out there on this subject, but some are more than a little biased (on both sides). Would it be helpful to people to know what the bias is before picking up the book?

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