Who wants to be a genetic engineer?

The Univeristy of Nebraska Lincoln has a wonderful site called Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary. It is an educational site with beginner and advanced articles in English and Spanish. Topics include herbicides, plant breeding, and genetic engineering. They include power point type videos on a variety of topics. My favorite is: Who wants to be a genetic engineer? in which the viewer can choose to make Bt corn or cinnamon flavored apples. It’s adorable and educational!

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  1. Neat find. Now all they need to do it assemble the steps for making the Javamochalattevanillachino Bean and then I’ll be rich!

    We should keep a list of neat GE ideas, like strawberry bananas, cinnamon apples, apple grass (Dr. Who reference), and the aforementioned coffee bean. Might be a neat way to help people think about GE crops.

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