Educating the public on GMOs

I’ve been swamped with experiments lately (involving bioavailable iron enhanced maize!) so haven’t been able to keep up with my RSS feeds (I had over 2000 to sift through!). While I’ve been out of the loop, other bloggers have been busy educating the public on the science behind genetic engineering! I’d like to share just a few (in no particular order)…

GMO Food for Thought posted an amusing and informative video from the International Food Information Council titled What’s for lunch? The video focuses on the idea that we should choose science over fads and heresay.

Karl at Inoculated Mind has been working to debunk some biotech myths being spread by Claire Hope Cummings, author of Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds. I’m eagerly anticipating a possible podcast debate.

Pamela at Tomorrow’s Table asks if people might be more accepting of biotechnology if we had more genetically engineered toys, such as GloFish (I love their logo, especially the color scheme).

Malaysia4Biotech is a new blog dedicated to education. I’m looking forward to reading their fresh perspectives on biotechnology. Thanks, Roger at GMO Pundit for the find.

Finally, Science Careers seems to be getting into the blogging game ala ScienceBlogs, they are looking for contributors. If only I had the time!



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