Expelled Exposed

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has created a site that responds to the recently released movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, called “Expelled Exposed”. I’m not sure what is on the site, as it is currently down (digg effect), but I am sure that they do a good job of exposing Expelled, judging by the material on their home site. The producer of Expelled has spent millions of dollars promoting Expelled, so science bloggers are responding with an attempt to get Expelled Exposed moved up in search results for the word Expelled.
As blogger TubiGuy says:

We need to get the NCSE’s counter-site to the hideous little propaganda film, Expelled, to rank higher in the search engines. The way to do this is for lots and lots of you to link to the Expelled Exposed site with the word Expelled. It’s not hard: just copy this code into a blog post.

<a href=”http://expelledexposed.com/”><i>Expelled</i></a>

Whenever you write about the movie, use that link. Do it a bunch of times, if you want. It’s more effective if many people use the same link every time, though, than for one person to be repetitive.

I’m offended by the movie Expelled because of the dirty tricks the filmmakers used. Back in September 2007, I posted:

A filmmaker questioned scientists, including Richard Dawkins, for video interviews about their views on science intersecting with religion for a movie to be called “Crossroads.” The filmmaker instead put their interviews in a movie called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” a pro-intelligent design film. The scientists are angry, with good reason. Being misquoted is one thing, but it’s completely another to have your statements misused in a propaganda film [NY Times].


  1. Thanks for helping to promote the truth behind the movie, Anastasia. It appears to be working.

    I, myself am divided as to whether I want to go see the movie. I think it is a good opportunity to dress as a pirate.

  2. It is a good opportunity to dress as a pirate. Iowa State’s Atheist and Agnostic Society is planning club sanctioned leafleting to people as they exit the theater on Friday, with leaflets advertising Dr. Hector Avalos’s 22 April response lecture “Did Darwinism Lead to the Holocaust? A Response to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”. Some people might stage a protest / counter protest of pirates vs atheists (not club sanctioned). I’ll unfortunately be out of town, but it sounds like good mischievous fun!

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