News: ‘Moral Footprint’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘mobile slaughter units’

Vaclav Havel, of Prague, wrote an intriguing editorial about global warming in the NY Times title “Our Moral Footprint.” With my recent trip to Prague, I was intrigued to see how someone from the Czech Republic might feel about the subject, and it turns out to be very similar to how I feel about the subject. Maybe climate change is human caused, maybe it’s not. We are having some effect with all of our activities on the planet, and the details of the change really don’t matter. Each and every one of us has a moral responsibility to leave as little of an impact as possible, because our choices today will affect our children, our children’s children, and our neighbor’s children too.
A filmmaker questioned scientists, including Richard Dawkins, for video interviews about their views on science intersecting with religion for a movie to be called “Crossroads.” The filmmaker instead put their interviews in a movie called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” a pro-intelligent design film. The scientists are angry, with good reason. Being misquoted is one thing, but it’s completely another to have your statements misused in a propaganda film [NY Times]
A Seattle company has developed a hygenic and humane “mobile slaughter unit.” These could eliminate the problems of getting livestock from small farms to large slaughterhouses. It will also be an improvement in processing: big slaughterhouses have such high processing speeds that contaminated meat is inevitable. These MSUs could really revolutionize how animal agriculture works. If small farmers can more easily process their animals, perhaps we will see more and more free-range, grass-finished cattle. [Seattle Monthly]


  1. Could you please put me in contact with any of the people who design and build these mobile slaughtering units? Or any other information concerning this topic.

    Thank you

  2. I’m sorry, Mark, I didn’t know that the article in the Seattle Monthly was gone. Even though a search for “mobile slaughter unit” had a lot of hits, most of the sites had little info. I was able to find one article in Capital Press Agriculture Weekly“ rel=”nofollow”>Mobile slaughter unit boosts farm opportunities from September 2008. You might be able to contact some of the people or organizations mentioned in the article for more info. I hope that helps.

  3. In need of information to make slauthering of bovines viable,ecoligical ,
    in small towns. Looking for solutions for small towns.

  4. Hello We’ve designed and buildt a 53 ft mobile slaughter
    unit in California for cattle Lamb,Goat and Ostriches and received USDA approval very unique design and works great!!
    we can also buildt yours to usda specs. 909-821-9678

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